We were inspired by hearing of so many animals in need.
There are numerous suffering and needy animals that it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one you can afford to help. One person cannot help them all, until now:

For just $1

This group is based on the idea that if a large amount of people would  chip in $1 each, a huge amount can be raised in a short amount of time.

Often, someone gets involved in trying to save the life of a sick or injured animal. ​The costs associated with this can be astronomical and can deplete even the richest bank accounts.  Sometimes, an animal's life is ended  because the cost of care is too high for just one person or group to afford.

That is where The Dollar Club comes in!

With this new concept, we have found a way for everyone who
can come up with a single dollar to help!

Here is how it works:

When we see or hear about an urgent situation (usually on Facebook)  we post the story here and on facebook. We usually grant $100 instantly and post the situation as a "feature' on our page and ask our fans to send additional donations if possible.  We include both
 a mailing address and a PayPal address for each individual case showing where additional donations can be remitted if desired.  We also list our paypal and mailing address so you can direct your donations to us and we in turn forward your money on to the needy animal. 

You can either donate directly to us and we will disperse as needed, or you can donate to the individual cases.

For this work, we need to keep our account full so
 donations to us are always needed.

 The Dollar Club highlights severe cases and emergencies that need money to save a life rather than everyday situations. Those are usually reserved for fundraising and donations by individual groups.  We will help with food for managed cat colonies and spay/neuter when the budget allows.
Who we help
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Your single dollar bill can make a difference and is making a difference!
Wish list
Postage, Dollar Bills, Ink for the printer (Canon MX 882)Items for on-line auctions, padded envelopes
Mail to:
The Dollar Club  P.O. Box 116
Hereford, Pa 18056​
Thank you!
Don't have time to send individual dollars?  We can do it for you.
As of 07-31-18 
 we have assisted 736 needy animals 

Check those sofa cushions, the bottom of your purse or your pockets for that extra $1.00 bill!
Helping animals $1.00 at a time
We are a 501(c)3 non-profit

Dollar Club

Best of all, YOU get to feel GREAT for being part of
​saving an ​animals life all for $1.00

If you would like to be part of this awesome group, just bookmark this page and ​come​ visit often. Or, 'like' our facebook page and keep us in your newsfeeds so you are ​alerted when a request is being made.

***You are never forced to contribute*** this is strictly volunteer.
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