Requesting assistance

Please read the entire page:

We help fund raise for emergency life or death situations. If you are asking for help, you must include a complete description of the emergency, THE TREATING VETERINARIANS NAME AND PHONE NUMBER, a photo of the animal and the link to your fundraising site (if you have one). You must supply proof that you applied for CareCredit or Scratch Pay. All animals in your household must be spayed/neutered. You must have a PUBLIC post on your own personal facebook page asking family and friends for help.

For cat colonies in dire need of food, you must supply the name and mailing address of the recipient.

If you are requesting help for someone else, you must include everything stated above. DO NOT just send a link to a facebook plea without the contact information of the person or group needing the help.

We do not fund routine care. We do not help pay off bills that have already been incurred.
We do not fund cancer treatments, spay/neuter or FIP treatments. (We just get too many requests for those and we are not a big enough group to assist with those).

We usually only grant small amounts like $100 in the hopes that will encourage others to donate also. Our main focus is to get the animal in to see the vet for emergency life/death situations. We can often try to raise more and we will ask our donors for additional help if need be.

Donations MUST be made directly to your vet providing the care. NO EXCEPTIONS.

PM us the information required through our Facebook page. If you do not have facebook, you can send an e-mail to:

Remember, the more donations we receive the more animals we can help. It is our hope that the people and groups that we help, donate back to us. We only ask for $1.00.

P.O. Box 535 Whitehall, Pa 18052
E-mail to: