And The Dollar Club was born

This page was inspired by hearing about so many animals in need. There are numerous suffering and needy animals that it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one you can afford to help. One person cannot help them all.

A lot of people want to help an animal in need but most cannot afford to contribute a large amount of money. Especially when we hear of so many that need help.  That's why we created this new and innovative way for more people to help more animals!

This group is based on the idea that if each person could chip in $1 for each listed animal, a large amount can be raised in a short amount of time, without any one person having to put out too much money.

This way, many people can help many animals.

"I've always felt guilty volunteering with just one group or shelter when there  are so many that need help.
 I want to help them all.  But how do I pick?  Nobody has the means to help every single one, but how can I help more?  These were the questions I've always asked myself.  I  knew if I could get a lot of people to chip in a small amount, then a lot of money can be raised without any one person having to donate too much themselves.  That way more animals can be helped.  So how do I do it?"

A chance posting on facebook about a feral cat named Atlas was my inspiration to stop thinking and start doing something to help.