7-4-23  Windy - needs a sponsor

Ready to love a SCOOP cat? Be a sponsor! SCOOP cares for many elderly and special needs cats. We provide life-long love and care; medical treatment; and Hospice care. You can help by becoming a sponsor for the cat you choose. You can sponsor month to month, or for six months, or 12 months. When you sponsor for a minimum of three months, your SCOOP buddy will send you a picture, an update, and a birthday card. One month: $20.00 Six Months: $100.00 One year: $185.00
Pay through PayPal (via our website https://www.scoopcat.org/ “Donate” button at the top of each page), or via check sent to SCOOP; PO Box 46624; 45246-0624. Please mark any transaction with the name of you’re the cat you want to sponsor. What your sponsorship goes towards providing:
--medical care --medications --food and litter  Thank you for sponsoring a SCOOP cat!

 Windy was a kitten in 2006 when she was found in a snow storm. She screamed at SCOOP during her isolation period and thus was named Windy. She's a loner with no friends, which is how she likes it. But she's very sweet and loves people. Windy has had two very severe pancreatitis bouts and requires constant monitoring. She's still quite vocal! An interesting fact about Windy is that she only eats with food she can pick up with her paws and has done this all of her life. Likes: Wet food, drinking from faucets, attention, and meowing loudly! Dislikes: Being fed when very sick, and cats that get in her way during snacks.

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Windy)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Windy)

7-4-23 Cat food needed

Beyond Nine Cat Rescue Inc.  **PLEASE HELP**As of today, Beyond Nine Cat Rescue, is out of wet food😔 This rescue is a non profit which relies on its volunteers to keep it running. We have created an Amazon wishlist if anyones would be kind enough to donate food. All items will be sent directly to our shelter at 920 NE 35 Street in Oakland Park.FL  33334 We are not asking for money, simply food. Most items are below $20. You will sleep at night knowing it is going to many hungry little mouths that would so much appreciate it. Also, this rescue has a 501(C)(3) not for profit status which means your donation is tax deductible. Please copy and paste the link to donate or click the link in the bio. God bless.  AMAZON LIST CLICK HERE

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for cat food)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for cat food)

7-5-23 Grayson - kitten needs transfusion

Friends Of Greenup Paws is asking for donations.  ‼️‼️ URGENT ‼️‼️  There’s never a pause in rescue. Not even on a holiday.  We were notified about a sick kitten that could barley move, white gums, full of fleas. The person trying to save him was just 15 years old.  We have named him Grayson, and he is being stabilized at Shawnee Animal Clinic. At just 8 weeks old, he is needing a blood transfusion to help save his life. A 15 year old was just trying to do the right thing, and we couldn’t say no. We are coming to our supporters for help as Graysons bill will exceed $1000. Please consider a donation. 🙏🏼🐾

Vet: Shawnee Animal Clinic - 740-353-5758 for Grayson under Friends of Greenup Paws

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Grayson)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Grayson)

7-5-23 Blackie - kitty with blockage

BLACKY STILL NEEDS YOUR HELP 🚨🚨🚨We are 24h into our fundraiser and we have 1/4 of what is needed to get Blacky to surgery to remove his blockage ☹️Blacky has not been feeling well lately and started to vomit and not eat which prompted his dad to get him to the vet to see what was wrong …unfortunately he could not afford all the tests required to make a proper diagnosis so he reached out to us to see if we could help … We got him in to see Dr Jacobo yesterday and X-rays revealed he had one of the biggest hairball we had ever seen stuck in his stomach and it had been there for a while …Blacky needs to have surgery to remove it before it becomes a full obstruction or its deterioration causes a rupture …We have $700 out of the $2800 we need and we are going to get this boy to surgery by tomorrow ….LET’S DO IT !!!!
We are so grateful to everyone who donated and shared his story and we need to keep the momentum going !As you know, the past few cases have causes our piggy bank to empty and all out emergency funds are gone so we have to raise the full amount …

Vet:  Primary Care Animal Hospital at 562-274-7776 for Blackie under Trevor Foundation

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Blackie)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Blackie)

7-9-23 Stray cay needs ER

We need to save this baby sitting very lethargic and not looking good at all. Is been sitting since yesterday at the back of a restaurant in Queens. We are overwhelmed, and we are not taking more severe sick cats because of a lack of volunteers, Fosters and financially distress. Please consider helping by at least donating. This once beautiful cat (and still is in my eyes) is being rushed to the vet is barely breathing. IT'S VERY HOT & HUMID AND ALL OUTDOOR CATS ARE SUFFERING. UPDATE. We named her HOLLY. Yesterday, it was not a good day 😕 😪 . We took HOLLY immediately in 15 minutes to a vet to get her her. She is in a bad shape. Worst possible scenario that you can think 🤔. She tested positive for panlukopenia..she has a severe uri... she was getting eaten alive from fleas... she is severely anemic...her sugar levels almost not existing...severely deyedred and on top of all this she tested slightly positive for felv 🥺 with body temperature 95. She is only 6 months old with a body weight of 3.6 pounds 💔. She definitely felt better the first 2 hours we got her vetenary help, but I can see her shutting down..Euthanasia was suggested again twice because of all the issues and for the huge cost to try to save her. I couldn't do it. My heart 💔 was breaking in pieces. We decided to give her the chance she deserves . It might be late 😕 for her, but we want her to have a chance. We do believe in miracles. The cats that we mostly rescue they are in the path to be euthanized. We give every single one a chance. If we didn't give them a chance, 98% would have been dead .We only have a 2% that we lost the battle and had to cross the rainbow 🌈 in the past 8 years. We need your help to give a chance to HOLLY. SHE DIDN'T DESERVED WHAT HAPPENED TO HER. WE DID IT. HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE COULD HAVE HELPED HER EARLIER 🙄 BUT NO ONE CARED. It is never too late to help. Please 🙏 donate for HOLLY .We are giving her 48 hours at the cost of $ 4600. Her medical bill will climb more if she puts a fight. We want her to fight, but she needs us all to do it. She is hospitalized in icu in critical condition. She had a blood transfusion, and she is in iv 24/7. The last words with the doctors were ..That you do everything it takes to save her life. 

Vet: St Minas. 718-296-0500. Her name is Holly. She is under Saintspiro cat rescue

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Holly)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Holly)

7-11-23  Kevin - needs a dental ASAP

Shirley's Angels Animal Rescue: Friends we have royally dropped the ball big time on raising funds for Kevin’s dental apt. We got side tracked with all the emergencies and totally forgot that Kevin’s fast approaching dental for his awful teeth needed fundraising. Kevin is the kitty who’s veteran owner found himself in a terrible situation and needed to go away for a bit to get himself squared away and we we’re supposed to be temporarily keeping Kevin for him. Sadly his owner didn’t return for him after he decided that Kevin would be better off finding another home. At Kevin’s apt we learned that Kevin had pretty bad teeth that were causing him a significant amount of discomfort.

We have to make this happen for Kevin and fast. We expect it to be anywhere from $500 to $600. Please if you can spare $1 or $2 or $5 it gets us closer to Kevin getting surgery right away.

Vet:❤️Augusta Animal Hospital 304-496-7746 for Kevin under Shirleys Angels

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Kevin)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Kevin)

7-12-23 Homeless kittens need food

Food for homeless kitties: As more people get evicted, the number of cats we are caring for increases. We have all ages from newborns to seniors. We just received a text from someone who we help that has a colony near her home, that she is out of food and has none for the morning. She is on a fixed income and has nine left. She needs food ASAP if anyone can help. She feeds in 5 different spots. We are tapped. We’ve purchased $550 worth of food just this weekend. $275 for us and the rest for 2 other people. We are now struggling ourselves for the next 10 days (until one of our larger orders comes in). We are well over 250 cats daily and took on another colony yesterday after the person who cared for them moved and left them behind.

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for kitten food)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Kitten food)

7-13-23 Arina - very sick mama kitty

I have no words, Just went to check Arina and she's not feeding the babies and her belly is swollen and hard possibly mastitis. Taking her to dr Stairs right now please, pray I don't know wth is happening here, they aren't even in the same room If anyone can help with her medical expenses please call Trucksville Animal Hospital 570 696 1146

**UPDATE** Arina has a 105.5 fever and mastitis, she received a baytril injection, SQ fluids and will be on Baytril for 10 days...she will sadly need to be seperated from her kittens in order for her to be treated and recover, they are 5 weeks old now and I had already gotten them started on wet food...Ramona C Ruhf bless you, her bill was covered, it means the world to me and most importantly to her...

Vet:  Trucksville Animal Hospital 570 696 1146

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Arina)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Arina)

7-14-23 Mango - dog with two broken legs

I was contacted about a dog who was outside in her yard when the owners found her in great pain and not able to walk. They couldn't afford a vet so The Dollar Club called in a payment to the vet so she could be seen. So what they found is:  So after the X-rays they determined that both legs have been fractured somehow, one far worse than the other. If the worse one can’t be fixed amputation would be necessary. She is in a lot of pain so they were able to prescribe some meds until we got an answer for surgery and how much we are looking at. They have no means to pay for this and were denied both Care Credit and Scratch pay. If they cannot raise the money for surgery they are looking at PTS. Can we please help save her life friends? It would be awful for poor Mango to lose her life for broken bones.

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Mango)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Mango)

7-15-23 Perla - dog with abscess 

OWNER CAlled ME CRYING. SHE DOES NOT HAve THE FUNDS FOR THIS. She rescued her baby from the streets a while back. She doesn’t want to surrender. SHE LOVES HER DOGGIE. Will anyone HELP HER? SHE DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR care CREDIT. HOUSTON TX 77081. She also said that she will make little payment  to whoever helps. Maybe a Rescue can help? PRAYERS WORK. the lady told me “I will be praying for a miracle “ DOGGIE IS GOING TONIGHT TO Veterinary Urgent Care LETS PRAY WITH THE LADY SO EVERYTHING IS GOOD. She will go for a visit under @petset rescue.  Rescue needs $300 to cover everything. Please CAll AND DONATE. Perla is her name under Petset rescue. Thanks!

Vet: Vet Urgent Care 713 913 7144 for Perla under PetSet Rescue

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Perla)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Perla)

7-16-23 Cats need food

Can Anyone Be So Kind And Help Me With Some Food & Litter From My Amazon Wishlist ? My Life Is A Total Mess Right Now & Unfortunately The Only Few Dollars I Pulled Together I Need To Go Back & Forth To See My Mom At The Hospital😞 I Have A Few Cans Of Friskies Left But This Baby-Meow Meow WON’T & Hasn’t Been Eating Any Of It 🥲🤦🏼‍♀️ So Far He Seems To Only Like The Fancy Feast (Fish & Shrimp) Or The Meow Mix Wet Food But I Ran Out & Unfortunately I Can’t Afford His Pickiness Right Now. The Litter I Can Try To Get Myself If Anything, But The Food Is Very Much Needed As I Have My 3 Plus My Colony Of +12.. This Would Be Alot Of Help & I Very Much Appreciate It, TY In Advance To Anyone Who Can Help Us With Anything 🙏🏻 My Amazon Wishlist Is Attached Below

amazon wish list

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for food)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for food)

7-17-23  Cats need food

Cat food or cash donations needed!
41 cats abandoned in New Tripoli, PA. My friend has been driving there n feeding daily. If u want to save some cats- please help us feed these poor babies. My teammate has started trapping n I am taking the 4 tonight to be fixed.If u can help - let me know

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for cat food)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for cat food)

7-24-23 Cat food needed

Cat food is needed for our Schnecksville cat colony of over 50+ cats.  All have been spayed/neutered. These cats have been dumped at this location for years and we have

committed to helping this elderly lady with assistance with food

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for food)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for food)

7-25-23 Heidi - dog with blockage

Our family dog Heidi is gonna need surgery with a possible turned stomach or blockage. She hasn’t eaten much in the past few days and keeps throwing up anything she ate before that. Looking at her like this is killing us and we just want her to get better. She’s an amazing dog that deserves a very long life, so please help with what you can, anything would be greatly appreciated. I lay here and cry knowing I can't afford the surgery she needs to keep her alive.  Since her regular vet can't get her in till tomorrow. I called Rosebird Vet in Jersey Shore.

Rosebird Vet  570-865-6735 for Heidi under Kristen Cowher

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Heidi

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Heidi)

7-26-23 Dog with burned paws from house fire

A fire Saturday afternoon damaged at least three homes, two severely, in Whitehall Township.

Three adults, a child and pet needed emergency assistance with temporary lodging, food and clothing, the Red Cross said. Fire crews were called at 1:19 p.m. Saturday for a house fire in  Whitehall Township, Greenawalds Fire and Rescue 11 officials said. Firefighters arrived to find a home in flames. The house is part of a triplex on the block near Mauch Chunk Road. Heavy flames were found on the second floor and attic of one home, and crews worked to quickly knock down the fire and keep it from spreading, officials said. All three units had damage, with two units with severe fire damage in the back. ****This was a former co-workers daughters's home. Their dog suffered burned paws and The Dollar Club helped with $200. He will need ongoing care)

Abbey Road Vet: 610-440-1504 for Bella under Marissa Biggs

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Bella)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Bella)

7-27-23 Serendipity - bladder stones

Kitty was first spotted 2 months ago and figured she was an indoor/outdoor cat, because she appeared very healthy. A few weeks ago she communicated with a lady that she saw feeding her, and the woman told her that the kitty has been coming to her yard for the past month or so. Cassie scooped her up and had her scanned and she IS chipped. The shelter she was adopted from (at 6 months of age, she is now almost 5 years old) made several attempts to contact her owner via email, text and calls, and unfortunately the owner has never responded. Cassie was able to find her a foster home and started her on an antibiotic because it seemed she had a possible UTI. She was vetted today at PAWS. She had a full checkup. She is almost 5 years old, already spayed, flea treated and dewormed. Her vaccines were updated today and she was combo tested and is FIV/FeLV negative!! The bad news is that she has a stage 2 heart murmur and seeing a cardiologist was recommended AND they did a urinalysis and when the vet expressed her bladder a few jagged bladder stones came out (pic of the stones below). 🥺 Poor girl was crying. The vet said that they could feel that her bladder is FILLED with stones, and that she desperately needs surgery (Cystotomy) as soon as possible. They would like to send the stones from today out for analysis to hopefully determine the cause of the stones and to know whether this is from a wicked infection or a dietary condition that will affect her for life if she is not kept on a urinary diet. We do not have the estimate yet of what the stone analysis will cost. Cassie reached out to her originating shelter and unfortunately they would not be able to provide her with the surgical care she will need, so she would likely be euthanized. She's a sweet girl and she's young, we don't want that to happen to her. Cassie called The Bridge Clinic and they would be able to do the Cystotomy, price quote was $1,000-1,200. Serendipity will also need pre-op blood work and possibly a chest x-ray while sedated. Cassie is feeling very overwhelmed understandably. She wants to help her feel better, get well and eventually find a loving forever home!! We are hoping to fundraise $1,500 to cover everything she'll need. The good folks of Philadoptables have offered a generous donation of $400 towards her surgery to be paid directly to The Bridge Clinic once she's scheduled. 

Vet: The Bridge Clinic 1-215-639-3333

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Serendipity)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Serendipity)

7-27-23 Chief - very ill dog

Please us help this poor dog who is suffering!!! Chief is a 2 year old Pittie who lives on the streets of Bradenton, FL with his homeless daddy, Tim. Chief hasn’t eaten whole food and has been projectile vomiting for 4 days along with dark bloody diarrhea. His owner does not have a job and no funds to get him medical care. He is the best boy ever, sweet with everyone and so well behaved!  My friend took him to our vet yesterday and he was so dehydrated, so he received IV fluids and meds to calm his tummy/intestines, the vet did a manual exam and didn’t find any tenderness or signs of a blockage and he was drinking a lot of water while there. He was tested for parvo and is negative. They said if he didn’t appear better today that we need to bring him back for X-rays and blood work. My friend went to check on him this morning and he was lethargic and she tried to pick him up and he cried out in pain! She had to convince the man to let her take him again, thankfully his girlfriend assisted in making that happen. He is still at the vet and I am awaiting an updated estimate or treatment plan. They did X-rays and see no obstruction … they are thinking pancreatitis with possible necrosis?? Doing bloodwork and IV fluid and keeping him for several more hours. Will update once we know!

Bradenton Veterinary Hospital  941-746-2252 doe Chief under Baileys Way Rescue

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Chief)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Chief)

7-28-23  Tabby - need er now!!!

Miss Pat's CatsURGENT! A friend of mine is trying to help a resident with his cat! Owner took to shelter but they turned him away! Donations needed to get him to a vet so they can see what's going on and if it be best to humanely euthanize him but we cannot let him suffer! Any donation is appreciated! PLEASE! NO Negative comments, words won't help and we need pawsitive vibes for this poor guy. NOTE* vet won't accept donations until they see cat and have estimate. Appt is 2:15. Thank you!

Kenilworth Hospital 908 245-8776 For Tabby under Miss Pats cats

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Tabby)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Tabby)


7-31-23 Firecracker - cat needs vet ASAP

This baby is dying slowly. She is almost a year old and weighs 2 pounds. We rescued her 3 weeks ago and she won't gain weight. She eats and due to severe diarrhea it goes right through her.
She needs to go back to vet TODAY as EMERGENCY DROPOFF as she's lost more weight.
We will need help with the vet bill WE CANNOT VET UNTIL WE HAVE DONATIONS. We need immediate further testing done to see what we need to.do to save her life. She's eating and active. Just gotta find out the cause of the diarrhea. We hv tried special food ( which she won't eat snd at this point not eating is not an option) we hv tried two different meds, probiotic, dewormer etc.

Vet:  Mountainview Vet 304 788 6602. for Firecracker  Under Whiskers Inc

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Firecracker)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Firecracker)