3-2-21  Cat colony in need of food

Hello, I feed over 80 cats in several cat colonies, and I am going through a hardship. Due to Covid 19. Every month is a struggle to feed so many. They are all TNR, and very well taken care of. I would like to know if I could kindly receive any help. I am very grateful for anything help. Thank you kindly. 

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Fl colony)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Fl colony)

3-3-21  Dogs needing rescue

Pitiful Paws Rescue.  SOS! We have an EMERGENCY case that we’ve been asked to help with. As you all know, our hearts are in the tri-state area (WV, OH, KY) and that is our focus. However, Guardians of Rescue have asked us to assist on a case in Alabama involving pit-bulls (a lot of rescues aren’t able to take in pitbulls for various reasons, insurance, location/bans, etc and we were the only ones able to take these guys on as of now, so we said yes). Alabama is one of those southern states, rural as can be, with little to no resources as well...much like our area...except that dog fighting is much more prevalent in the south. The local law enforcement’s (which we’ve seen many times and unfortunately that’s just how it is in these areas) typical protocol is to euthanize on site in these situations. We’ve seen this time and time again in SC unfortunately, and we’ve stepped in then as well. This case is a devastatingly sad case with at least eight pit bulls that have lived on chains in the dirt and mud with little to no shelter and neglect their entire lives. One we are told is severely deformed, and the others we expect to be in equally as rough of condition. Dealing with dogs that have been chained out from the south we also have to assume that these guys will probably ALL test positive for heartworm disease, and possibly Lyme/ehrlichia/anaplasmosis which are tick borne illnesses that can all be life threatening. We want to make sure these guys never have to live on chains or go without ever again. There’s no telling what kind of critical care these guys will need as we get on site, but we are prepared with fluids, IV lines and IV catheters, dextrose, nutrical, and much much more. Two of us will be traveling 1,600 miles round trip in our transport van (12 hours/800 miles one way) and we DESPERATELY need your help to raise gas money and funds for a night or two stay once we get there as there’s no telling what we are going to get into/how long this will take. We need your help now more than ever, and I hope that you will consider donating even though these babies aren’t from our local area. Please share, donate if you can, and tag family, friends, coworkers, etc and challenge them to donate even a dollar or two! Every penny counts on a case like this! Please help us help the ones that have no voice. ⭐️ Monetary donations towards this case can be made:

🚐 Paypal: PayPal.me/pitifulpawsrescue  🚧 Checks can be mailed to PO Box 690 Ona WV 25545  🚨 You can also donate by clicking the donate button on our page. 🐶 You can also call Guyan Animal Hospital directly at 304-736-3456 and ask to donate towards the PPR account to donate towards our vet bills. 

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for 8 dogs)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for 8 dogs)

3-5-21  KiKie  -  cat wound

Good afternoon pls can you help  the cat injured may be figth to another cat ,,, leg injured bite ,,, can i go to dr. today because this week end i have no time double job
pls reply🙏🏼

Vet:  Pets and Vets Animal Clinic 305-861-1113 For KiKie

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Kikie)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Kikie)

3-7-21  Another colony is need of food

I Feed NOW 10 Colonies. I also Help People who Cannot Afford to Feed their Cats and Dogs who sadly their pets would be in a shelter without the help. I Help Many Rescues get Pet Food. Ive been Rescuing over 20 years. I do Events Educating people on Low Cost Vetting, Pet Resources, I help find animals forever homes, We are in a HUGE CRISIS! I am getting SEVERAL DESPERATE Calls a DAY Asking for Pet Food. I am doing my Best to Help, but Need YOUR HELP PLZ. Normally People I help get a Pet Store Big Bag of Dog or Cat Food and Treats, but since I am down in Pet Food, I have to use Storage Baggies and Divide the Cat n Dog Food to Many In Need. I have to Think Outside the Box and still Provide, just less food to these animals. It is VERY sad, but atleast they still have something to feed their cute lil Fur Bellies. DESPERATE for DONATIONS to buy more Cat n Dog Food. PLZzzzzzz. I went out and bought Gallon Size Storage Bags for Dog and Cat Food to be put in and Sandwich baggies to put Cat n Dog Treats in. I am Splitting up bags of Cat n Dog Food to Feed Animals In Need into MANY Gallon and Sandwich Baggies to give to as Many Animals in need until the Pet Food runs out. EVERY Animal Deserves to be Fed and Not be left Hungry. Plz, Plz Plzzzzzzz HELP!! If YOU or ANYONE you know NEEDS some Of this Pet Food Plz let me know. Otherwise, I’m BEGGING you to Provide MORE MEALS and DONATE to Animals who are Hungry. It is FREE to you, but Myself and Others have Provided the Pet Food to be able to Help out the Hungry Animals and Need much more Pet Food to continue Helping. The Need is Never Ending. Thank You to ALL who Help. God bless. Stay Happy, Healthy and Safe. Plz SHARE.

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for dog/cat)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for dog/cat)

3-9-21  Zeus  -  very sick cat

Cat is on route to CVETS Columbia Veterinary Emergency Trauma and Specialty . Just found crying and falling over in parking lot at village of Sandhills by a UPS driver. Cat is listed as Zeus Moon. Looks like will need a lot of care. Please donate if you can either to fundraiser or directly to CVets. Picture does no justice to appalling shape cat in . Oddly has a shaved spot on back! Just spoke to ER vet. Neurologist has looked at cat. She believes the problem is in the central nervous system. Infection is probably top of list. An MRI is warranted if funds can be raised but that is going to take a miracle! Blood work actually looked good , on presentation cat has some muscle wastage but no signs of trauma. He is a neutered male with no microchip.
We need a miracle and lots of donations!!!

Vet:  CVETS:  803-995-8913 (for Zeus under Whisker Tails)

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Zeus)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Zeus)

3-9-21  Peaches with a facial abscess

We can only assume an abscess ruptured because Peaches went from bad to worse 😞 She was seen at PAC today and had to have surgery. Her wound is extensive, and you can see all the way down to her maxilla. There is literally not even enough skin there for her eye to be closed. Her face was a rotting hole covered with cat litter. Please keep Peaches in your thoughts, and please donate so we can help her get better. She has a long road of recovery ahead.

Proctorville Animal Clinic: 740-886-9424 (for Peaches under One By One Animal Advocates)

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Peaches)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Peaches)

3-9-21  Hank  puppy with parvo

Hank is eight weeks old and a Doberman. He was brought into the hospital to be surrendered days after being sick with vomiting and having diarrhea. He was purchased from a pet store and his previous owners had zero funds to care for him. They chose to surrender as he was not getting better on his own. Hank has Parvovirus and has for almost a week untreated. Because of this, Hank is now suffering. He has been suffering for days and now we are expected to pick up the pieces. The truth of the matter is Hank is incredibly sick. His chances are incredibly low. We will do everything humanly possible to get Hank better. He is currently admitted with a critical care team. Medically we can do all we can. But now it’s up to Hank. We will take it day by day and assess if this is ethical to keep going with Hank. If Hank wants to fight and pull through we will definitely help him along this journey however long that takes. I want to believe that Hank sees how much we love him already and how much we want him to pull through.

Vet: Valley Central: 61-435-1553  For Hank under Freedom First

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Hank)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Hank)

3-12-21  Avril - stomatitis kitty

We’ve been hit with so many medical emergencies this week I don’t know what to do.

We lost a puppy to parvo yesterday after 8 days of hospitalization, and were asked to help this 6 week old puppy with a broken leg. Now We had a stray cat with stomatitis and she has to have every tooth removed.

Vet: Proctorville Animal Clinic 740-886-9424 Acct: One by One for Avril

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Avril)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Avril)

3-12-21  Storm - rescued senior dog

URGENT! Storm is a docile, 14 year old Standard Schnauzer in need of rescue ASAP. She was brought in as a stray and found in horrible conditions. She is extremely thin, matted, and has several masses on her that have ulcerated and was transported to our vet. Despite her poor appearance, Storm has been upbeat and friendly. We traced her microchip and her owners had rehomed her over a year ago. They gave us some background history on Storm to help find placement for her. She had previously lived with other dogs from small to large and also lived with young children. Storm needs rescue asap as a loud shelter is no place for her. She needs additional medical care and potentially a hospice home to live out her golden years. **UPDATE** She has been rescued and is currently at the vet

Vet:  Partners and Paws Veterinary Clinic: 630-301-2320 (for Storm under  Pet Profile Rescue)

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Storm)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Storm)

3-14-21  Cat colony in need of food  


We first ran into Bill years ago on our night stray route and still run into him buying cat food at Walmart from time to time (which is how we snuck and got these pics). Bill is a Vietnam Airforce Veteran and someone who has fed strays going back 15 years. Before there was a TNR program, animal control used to threaten him about feeding strays but nothing stopped him. He sets his alarm for 2:30am and every night, for several hours, he goes to multiple locations to feed. He is on a fixed income and spends his own money to feed these strays. Over the years he has never asked for anything. Today we spoke to Bill and he told us that his car was acting up. It’s the only car he and his wife have to get around. They live very modestly on a limited income and he was very upset because he would have to stop feeding the strays to save for a new car. We could hear how upset he was as he told us this. He said his goal was “to do his best to at least get the strays through Winter.” Bill has been experiencing different health issues and we knew that we would likely have to take over at some point but not yet. He is so dedicated and loves what he does that we don’t want to see him have to give this up. We sent him a donation of food a few days ago but need your help. We can barely stay ahead with the 250+ strays we feed and have so many medical cases we need to raise funds for that we need your help. Bill uses nearly any kind of dry but mainly 9 Lives and Kit and Kaboodle for dry food and he uses Friskies shreds-no pate. We have such great respect for our Veterans but especially Bill who has done so much to help these strays. We really need people to help supply food to Bill. He lives in Latonia, KY.

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Cats)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Cats)

3-16-21  Cat colony in DIRE need of food

There are two old men, one 87 years old and Brother 88 has a lot of cats but their hair is falling out, they are sick and some are dead that they think they can do, they have no money, they live in a house but they are poor I gave them a shampoo to bathe them but I don't have medicine who can help these cats with medicine? They feed the cats with hotdogs they get from a dumpster

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for sickCats)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for sickCats)

3-17-21  Waylon - rescue puppy needs medical/food

About 2 weeks ago we found a 4 month old puppy in a ditch he was emaciated and had terrible mange. We took him to the vet and he was given special food meds special shampoo and we fed him small meals several times a day. Unfortunately because he had gone so long without eating his system was shutting down and he needed emergency surgery. My husband and I are both disabled and in a fixed income so it has been incredibly difficult to pay for all this. Is there any help your organization can do in this situation. I would be happy to provide vet bills or whatever you need.

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Watlon)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Waylon)

3-21-21 Starving dogs in Egypt need food

So many puppies this spring, with and without mothers, trying their best to survive between running cars, bad people kicking them, older animals, more experienced at scavenging in the rubbish. Omnya will try to catch a few females to spay them. Please help us buy food for them and water bowls, they sadly get stolen and need replacing often, even handmade concrete ones got smashed, but we still aim to offer access to fresh water and a few crunchy dog biscuits. Pet food is more and more expensive, but anything is better than starvation. We will update with photos as usual. Every dollar and penny adds up.

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for dogs)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for dogs)

03-23-21 Morris - Senior stray cat needs dental badly

65 people to donate $10 to help this senior boy eat without pain. Morris is 14yrs old and has been on our stray route for 8yrs. We originally had him neutered before a kind man who lived across the street from one of our feeding spots took him in. Several years ago his owner passed away of cancer and Morris was displaced. The other people in the building would let him into their apartments at night and we continued to feed him but he would sit outside the locked door that used to be his home. 5 years later there are new residents who moved into the apartment where his previous owner lived and took him in. They love him and watch out for him but they don’t have funds for his vetting or food so we provide that. (Side note-we love these guys because they look out for the neighborhood strays too). Most of the residents of this building are on fixed incomes and are coming out of a transition from programs such as Welcome House. Dental X-rays from Dr. Jaax show severe swelling and infection of the gums and multiple broken teeth. He needs a full dental. Eating lickable bisque and baby food is now getting hard for him. Due to his age we had to have bloodwork done prior to make sure he’s safe for surgery. We need 65 people to donate $10 for this sweet boy. He still has a lot of life in him but we need him to be able to eat before he takes a turn for the worse.

Vet: for Morris at Dr. Jaax: 513-793-5229 (M-F 8am-4pm)

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Morris)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Morris)

3-29-21  Scully - kitty needs surgery

Weatherford Whiskers is asking for donations. UPDATE ON SCULLY. WE ARE ASKING FOR YOU HELP AGAIN. WE DO NOT WANT TO LOSE SCULLY. So… Scully’s colonoscopy results… Where to start…? There’s good news and not so good news. Scully has an EXCELLENT chance of fully recovering, HOWEVER, he’s going to need a very EXPENSIVE surgery. It was determined that he has bilateral perineal hernias, a very unusual occurrence in cats, and even more so since he’s so young. Several biopsies were taken, and those results are pending. So, the reason why he has developed it is still under investigation. So far it’s only his rectum that is protruding through the abdominal walls, but WITHOUT surgical correction it could include bladder, small intestine, and possibly other abdominal organs which WOULD lead to a slow, agonizing death sentence. His surgical consult and surgery come with a hefty price tag. He has a surgical consult scheduled for the first week of March after which his surgery will be scheduled IF we can raise enough money. For now, we have done a good job of managing and to an extent reducing further complications with diet and stool softeners. Scully deserves the chance at a healthy, nonpainful life, but needs the support of the community to afford his bills so he can get his surgery. Please consider donating and/or sharing his story so we can afford to get him the procedure and get him on his way to his furever home! We will also be applying for some grants, in the hopes those will help cover some of his bills. However, they aren’t guaranteed.

Vet: DVSC 817-370-8000 for Scully

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Scully)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Scully)

3-30-21  Hobbs - frostbite kitten needs orthotics

Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids is asking for donations. FUNDRAISER FOR FROSTBITE KITTEN HOBBS! We have a BIG update on Hobbs tonight! After losing all four feet and his tail to frostbite a little over two weeks ago, CC has been researching and talking with many veterinary surgeons. We feel that Hobbs will receive his best surgical treatment and orthotics at CSU. Colorado State University James L Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Ft. Collins. We have been in communication with their orthopedic service as well as soft tissue surgery and our little guy will be traveling early Monday morning for a Tuesday 11am appointment. We feel we have done our homework and are going to provide this sweetheart the very best outcome possible for a life of mobility minus his four little paws! Now that we have everything in place, we are going to ask our supporters for as much help as possible. This will be extremely expensive. The doctors will have four feet and a tail to surgically revise. Four little stumps to prepare for orthotic slippers and this fundraiser will only help to cover surgery. Hobbs has been hospitalized through CC for the most part since his intake, to make him comfy and to fend off infection. Things are looking really good for him and he is comfy, happy and walking at Blue Pearl in Cedar Rapids. He loves hanging out with the great staff and docs and in this photo, that’s just what he is doing....chilling! Please help us share this post. We are going to try to shoot for $8000 to get us in a range for this huge endeavor, though it can easily cost far more than that. We are in uncharted territory with this case but we know Hobbs has the will and attitude for success! Please help Critter Crusaders and little Hobbs as we travel this road together❤️🐾

Vet:  Colorado State University James Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Hobbs will be seen through Soft Tissue Surgery and Orthopedics. Main Hospital Line: (970) 297-5000 (under Critter Crusaders)

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Hobbs)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Hobbs)

3-30-21  Kitty rescuer in dire need of litter

This cat rescuer has MANY inside cats and is in dire need of litter. She had some food donated but not litter. She lost her job to COVID and need help ASAP.

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Litter)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Litter)

3-30-21  Kaley"s Place - small rescue needs help

Kaleys Place is asking for donations.  This is why we are have a constant plea for pledges and support! This is the result of someone not fixing their pet and then a mom raising her newborns through a brutal winter storm. They are all very sick and in a shelter they'll start dieing or be euthanized. This is what we do, we step in for the ones who have little chance. But that is very difficult for us to do without donations. Thanks to a wonderful volunteer, this sweet mom and her 4 babies are being transported to us right now so we can start their journey to becoming healthy and adoptable. We'll post our fundraiser resources and chewy wish list in the comments. Please share 🥰

Chewy wish list: https://www.chewy.com/?utm_source=partnerize&utm_medium=affiliates&utm_campaign=1011l11088&utm_content=0&clickref=1011lfotKLhX&utm_term=1011lfotKLhX   

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Kaleys)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Kaleys)

3-30-21  Toni - needs an MRI for a neurological problem

This is extremely urgent for Tony’s quality of life. For those of you who remember him, he had been living at the NYC-ACC shelter #104109 in a cage for three months after being brought in as a stray. He is microchipped, so he certainly lived in a home before finding himself on the streets.
Tony came into the shelter a friendly and affectionate tabby boy that allowed all handling, but then started showing neurological symptoms and rapidly deteriorated. Staff and volunteers loved this boy and were very worried about him. He needed out of the shelter immediately. Despite being a small rescue, FACT (Feline Advocates Coming Together) pulled Tony the Tiger, committing to a potentially very difficult case. Since being in FACT’s care, Tony’s neurological symptoms have continued. He has weakness on his right side, circles to the left, occasionally falls over, and has an overall “lost in space” mentation. FACT consulted with both a vet and a neurologist to do whatever it takes to help this sweet boy. Per the neurologist, Tony's neurologic examination is consistent with left forebrain dysfunction. He has some wounds and scabbing on his paws on the right side of the body, which could be related to the decreased awareness of where his limbs are in space, and possibly decreased sensation related to this brain dysfunction. He could have a slowly progressive brain tumor, as he is an older cat. He could also have had a prior stroke or trauma leaving him with neurologic deficits. At this time, all other diagnostics have been exhausted. An MRI is urgently needed in order to understand exactly what is going on with Tony. The cost of Tony’s MRI is $4400 with a rescue discount (all local and non-local options were considered). 

Vet:  Upstate Veterinary Specialists: 518-783-3198 (hit option 5 & then option 2 and mention it is for Toni)

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Toni)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Toni)


3-3-21  Baby Jack's Rescue can use some supplies

Baby Jack's Rescue:  Just when we think we can breathe a little bit, life throws us a curve ball. 3 babies rescued from an abandoned camper, & a fourth one on the loose, somewhere. We have to go back to trap him. Central team just rescued this momma & her two children living in filth. Can we please beg for a little assistance from our village? We’ve got fleas, ticks, mites, worms. I (Jill) won’t be eating dinner tonight. I’m so disgusted with irresponsible humans. I can’t take much more. These babies are so grateful to be saved. & I can’t stop these dang tears. Any help would be greatly appreciated. & thanks to my friend Hannah for helping us, today!  Http://a.co/5aSt5cZ is the babies wish list on Amazon. Thanks fam!

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Baby Jacks)

TDC Mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Baby Jacks)