November 4, 2013 Keller - kitten with BAD eyes

Karla just got to Manhattan and picked up Keller the kitten who needs his eyes removed and all I can say is holy &%#* I wasn't prepared for him to look this bad! This poor sweetheart needs us even more than we knew! He will be having his eyes removed ASAP likely tomorrow am. We desperately need to raise money to care for him. We have raised 300.00 but will need at least 1000.00 to cover all his surgery and needs. PLEASE, every dollar will help. Please share far and wide this baby is only 6 weeks old and he deserves to be rescued. I don't often beg, but this boy desperately needs help and we can't do it without donations. We have committed to this baby and must make him better thank you all who have donated so far!

Mailing Address: Another Chance Pet Rescue P.O. Box 67962, Rochester, New York 14617
November 7, 2013 KiKi - kitten with broken leg

Kiki was found on a busy road by a good Samaritan. She can move her lower body, but at least one and possibly both back legs are broken. We have made her comfortable with a soft bed and a heating pad and she will go to the vet tomorrow.  We can not afford this, but nobody else the lady called would consider doing anything but putting her down. She is friendly and loves to purr and she has a great appetite. I don't think she's ready to go yet, and neither does she!

Mailing Address: West Side Cats 2217 Mahoning Ave Youngstown, OH 44509

11-07-13 Sammy Hit by car and left to suffer for 2 days  (Our second fundraising for this kitty we featured in June)
He is doing well now, but needs another surgery that they do not have the funds for.

A man called to tell me he witnessed someone hit a cat yesterday morning. The person who hit the cat, put him in a towel and left him on the sidewalk. The guy calling me, kept on going as well. Came back by the sidewalk later that night, checked on the cat. He was still laying there bloody, unable to move and in pain. Left him there again. Went by there again this morning on his way to work and the cat was still there and still alive. He finally called me and, after giving me the wrong directions twice, I finally found this poor cat in the same spot he was left. He was at death door. Someone left him a bowl of water a few feet away but he couldn't move to reach it. He was just sitting there panting and covered in dried up blood. We rushed him to our vet and here is the prognosis:  His front left leg is in a permanent curled up position from an old injury. His face is severely swollen. His left eye just can't be saved. His right eye is filled with blood from the trauma. We have no idea if he will regain any sight. He does see a little bit of light at this time. Only time will tell. He has blood coming out of his right eye, his nose and his mouth. He is so dehydrated that his skin won't go back in place when you do the hydration test at all. Several x-rays of his back and skull did indicate that, somehow, he doesn't have any broken bones. However, we don't know if he will regain use of his tongue and the skin on his lower jaw has retracted toward his neck because of the swelling. He is going to stay in intensive care at the clinic until he is stable. He is on fluids with B12 as well as pain meds and something for the inflammation and the swelling. Just for today, the bill is already around $300. That doesn't include the hospital stay or anything else he will need IF he survives this.

PayPal Address:
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem Pa 18018
11-07-13 Mitra - Left alone after her owner died

Mitra came to us via local animal control. She was found alone in an apartment with her deceased elderly owner, who had passed away at least 5 days before police made the discovery. She arrived matted in filth, covered in urine and feces, with sores on her skin, teeth rotting out of her mouth, and with no way to even tell us her name. So, we gave her one; Mitra, it means Angel in Persian, and she is definitely an angelic cats. She is estimated to be 8 years old.  Within 24 hours of being with us, she has been examined by our Vet, given fluids & antibiotics, been tested for FIV/FeLV (she's negative), had a chemistry panel (great results), vaccinated, her mats have been shaved, and she got a bath. She will need to be spayed after she gains some weight and her skin heals. We really need your help to get her the dental cleaning and extractions she needs as well.

Mailing Address: Animal Nation P.O. Box 905 Rye, NY 10580
11-07-13 Peaches - Severe bite wounds

We don't know what happened. He was found as a stray with wounds on his face and stomach. He currently has stitches. He was rescued by Eleventh Hour Rescue and needs some help with funds!

PayPal: Paypal:
Mailing Address: Eleventh Hour Rescue, P.O. Box 218, Rockaway, NJ 07866

11-08-13 Mr. Wiggelsworth Kitten Horribly Abused - cut off genitals (Re-featuring as money iss till needed to help)

This is the worst case of abuse and we cannot show the photo here. It looks like someone tried to castrate him, penis and all and when he wiggled too much or clawed they thew him in a cock a burr bush. His tail is all matted and twisted. The vet worked on him all day and said he will eventually be
ok and is resting. He is still at the vet and is in need of donations to cover vet bills and reward or information leading to the arrest of the individual(s) that were responsible for doing this to this baby will need extensive care.

Mailing: Heart & Soul Kitty Sanctuary 906 W Glynn Dr. Parkston SD 57366
11-09-13 Gypsy - dog attacked by another dog (before and after photos)

This poor dog was in an animal shelter and an extremely dog aggressive dog in a neighboring run broke through the guillotine door and attacked Gypsy. You can see from the initial picture we took of her and the pic I took this morning that she does not even look like the same dog. Poor Gypsy is miserable and hurting instead of her normal, happy self.  Gypsy was still bleeding when she left the shelter. She is at the vet and must stay overnight. Her wounds have begun to get infected. She needs debridement, wound repair, and a drain application. Through all her pain, Gypsy is very sweet & loving.  She is being sedated now to starts the work.

Mailing address: The Dollar Club (For Gypsy) P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem, Pa 18018
11-11-13 Rascal & Phoenix - 2 dogs intentionally burned

A little dog is fighting for its life tonight after someone set it on fire. Smith says the dog has about a 50-percent chance of surviving. It’s not clear who burned the dog, believed to be about 2 years old. You can smell oil residue on his body and it seemed like it was burnt, like it was lit on fire. The Brazoria County Humane Society is asking for donations to help cover the cost of his surgery and medical care. He is so sweet. They are also treating another burned dog, Phoenix - no photo.

Mailing Address: Brazoria County Humane Society's 6129 FM 1128, Manvel, TX 77578

11-11-13 Roo - hit by car - severed leg

I need help, my pup Roo. Today she got loose somehow and was hit by a car.  Her hind leg is severed and needs surgery done. She is at Creature Comforts right now where she will have surgery in the next few days. Her surgery is costing me and my boyfriend over $3,000. We cannot afford this. We are looking to see if anyone is willing to donate any kind of money towards helping. Whether it be $5 or $10 every little bit helps bring her home. Please help us bring our Pen Argyl Pup home!!! Everyone loves her and knows her since she was just a pup, please help. I have recently been let go from my job as a PCA and cannot afford to cover her vet bills.

Mailing Address: The Dollar Club (For Roo) P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem, Pa 18018