11-10-14 Suzy - Very sick senior dog

Suzy, a 12 year old breeding dog we rescued is VERY SICK.  She was pregnant and lost her babies & now has pneumonia and cancer.  With broken hearts we're begging for help for this sweet momma dog.( She has MANY complications & almost died today! PLEASE HELP HER!  Got her bloodwork back  She is anemic, white blood cell count is up, has an infection going on, liver not doing well ...she is wagging her tail but won't eat. She deserves to live!

PayPal: http://www.petcaring.com/nonprofits/sweet-pregnant-senior-lost-her-babies-has-cancer-help-/42884
Mailing Address: Dr. Rivera FishHawk Animal Clinic 15264 Fish Hawk Blvd. Lithia, FL 33547  Ph 813-643-7387

11-11-14 Rebel very ill kitten (featured previously but still needs help)

We got rebel at a week old. The vet noticed the sores/ulcers in her mouth. She had never seen a kitten with sores like this at this age. They think she was probably born with it or developed it sometime after birth, and that's why she had so much trouble with the bottle. She is now taking amoxicillin trihydrate twice a day and probiotics once a day . But the same troubles that she had with the bottle she is now having it with the wet food. Eating causes her a lot of pain and causing her tummy trouble, GERD, and coughing. The vet had said that is all caused by her getting food in her esophagus and not digesting it properly. The vet wants to do biopsies and other testing.  The vet found out she is having seizures. They also said she has a slight heart murmur, Her sores have progressed greatly and she needs even more testing (FIP, Toxoplasmosis, a blood profile, etc). If she keeps having seizure she will have to go on medicine. Right now Rebel is having them at least 10 times every night! Rebel is also experiencing lots of trouble with eating(even more) since the sores have grown so big. We are giving her Kitten Milk Replacer at night just to let her relax a little and have a break. We hope we can get her all the care she needs and give her the best life possible.  Surgery is needed now to remove the sores and hopefully, that will help her eat properly.

PayPal: http://www.gofundme.com/6vcmio
Mailing Address: Allentown Animal Clinic 2640 Walbert Ave Allentown, Pa 18104 (For Rebel/Belzecky

11-24-14 Clyde - very sick Chi

URGENT!!!! MAJOR MEDICAL EMERGENCY! donations urgently needed to save Clyde's life right now. he is the tiny chi we rescued with Bonnie from North central. He is in critical condition.we got home tonight to find him camatose and literally had no heart beat and body temp was not even registering when we got him to the er. he is at the AV animal hospital right now in lancaster, ca. i did cpr all the way to the hospital where they are trying to save his life. by the time i left his eyes were open but he is still very critical. we dont know what happened or why, but today he was doing really well. if anyone can make a small donation our pay pal is pepperfoundation@aol.com. am going back to the hospital in a few minutes. he is on oxygen, and heating pad and iv fluids, meds, doing blood work, xrays and whatever else will be needed to get him through the night. please keep him in your prayers!!!!

PayPal: pepperfoundation@aol.com
Mailing Address:The Pepper Foundation 3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Suite 735
Studio City, CA 91604
AV Animal hospital: they accept all credit cards including pay pal. 661-729-1500