9-4-21  Heidi - very very sick kitty 

Help 🆘 does anyone know a vet that will see emergency situation for a cat something is very very wrong she can't stand or move very much her breathing is very shallow her eyes are normally blue but they're cloudy and dark I don't have any money I need some body who will see her and accept payments 🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘 I've been up all night with her I feel helpless something is seriously wrong  **UPDATE** The Dollar Club helped get this kitty to the ER vet and she was so very sick and in critical condition. The estimate for immediate care was $4k and the owner simply didn't have any means to pay it. The kindest solution was to lay sweet Heidi to rest. She was in enormous pain and it wasn't fair to keep her hanging on. So we paid the bill to  have her PTS. We will also place her on our memorial page.  Her owner is devastated.

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Heidi)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 116 Hereford Pa 18056 (for Heidi)

9-7-21 Frankie - Toxoplasmosis kitty

‼️CRITICAL SITUATION‼️🛑Overnight Little Frankie blue eyes took a turn for the worse. He has been battling bouts of diarrhea on and off since he came into our care. Last night another bout started however this time he’s unstable on his feet, wobbling and shaking. We are on our way to an ER appointment with him now and need donations for his care. Please help us save little Frankie ❤️UPDATE‼️🛑 Frankie is stable at the moment. he still can not walk and struggles to hold his head up. The vet believes he has Toxoplasmosis. All we can do is treat and wait to see if his symptoms improve he will need updated bloodwork weekly and ongoing medication for the next month.

Vet: Memorial Veterinary Hospital (570)483-3315 (for Frankie Blue eyes under TT's Rescue Squad)

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Frankie)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Frankie)

9-9-21 Chai - blocked kitty

Chai has severe bladder obstruction, his bladder is the size of a snow globe with crystals & stones blocking and floating in his urinary tract. He has been vomiting, small amounts of diarrhea, not eating, lethargic, hiding, weak and crying sporadically. He needs 36 hour hospitalization at minimum because he cannot be sent home without a catheter and he can become immediately obstructed again if not receiving proper treatment. He is at the point where his organs are going to shut down as he has been this way for 2 days and was said to need immediate medical attention. I cannot afford his treatment and would hate to put him down over this. He is not suffering as much now as he is on pain medication and being examined otherwise his condition is very life-threatening and time-sensitive.  VET UPDATE 9/9/21*********Here is the update:
Chai has very dangerous high potassium levels (hyperkalemia) and his kidney levels have not come down and they’re so high, it cannot be read by the Vet’s machine. She said his kidney levels will take time to go down. He has high blood pressure but they tried to medicate him and still monitoring it to go down. He needs more monitoring and checking his blood work through the day which will increase the cost of closely monitoring him. I am being sent a new treatment plan with updated financial cost. The update is he is not stable but being medicated so that they could proceed with other treatments. I asked if he will be okay, she said they are trying but his levels have not come down since last night when they first medicated him.

Here is how to pay hospital directly:

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Chai)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Chai)

9-12-21  Luna  -  Bladder stone

Hi! I am looking for help for my dog Luna. She needs surgery for a huge bladder stone. 

Here is Luna's story. Update - Luna has a huge bladder stone. Because of its size, Luna will need surgery. Estimate is between $1,335.91 and $1,445.91.  Please know I am doing my best to contact non-profits for help as well and asking for everyone's help is not easy. If you can, please donate directly to the vet at Susquehanna Valley Veterinary Clinic, 223-322-7894

9/6/21- Our Luna girl has been in and out of the vet for the last couple of months. After what the vet thought was an UTI and different medications, Luna has not improved. The vet has requested two additional testing. X-rays that cost $205 and urine cytology $320.

Luna has been in my life for over 10 yrs and she has grown up with my daughter Lily. In 2019, we lost our dachshund Dash after years of treatment due to diabetes. It was very difficult on all of us, but especially on my daughter. I am trying to do anything I can to keep Luna healthy as much as possible.

Susquehanna Valley Veterinary Clinic, 223-322-7894 (for Luna)

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Luna)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Luna)

9-18-21 Nexus - kitty with a prolapsed rectum

** PULLED by Beauty & Beasts**
Needs out by close of business 🚨 ❌ Prolapsed Rectum Rescue Pull❌
This sweet cat is in desperate need of a rescue to save her life. She has a prolapsed rectum that needs immediate attention by a vet! Who can help??
★KANSAS HUMANE SOCIETY★ Address: 3313 N Hillside Wichita, KS Phone: (316) 524-9196 ext 207 Email: rescue@kshumane.org (RESCUES ONLY FOR EMAILS)
🚨RESCUE PULL ONLY🚨 Rescues may contact the Khs rescue coordinator at rescue@kshumane.org Rescues please message us for 911 email to pull from euthanasia and with any questions and may be able to assist and direct you accordingly.

Vet: El Paso Animal Clinic: 316-788-1000 (under the Beauties & Beasts account and her name is Nexus).

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Nexus)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Nexus)

9-20-21 Monday and Tuesday - kittens hospitalized with calici

This group, Beauty & Beasts has been hit particularly hard with emergency cases and has a vet bill of $30,000. These two babies are currently hospitalized with Calicivirus. They are only 4 months old and very sick.

Vet: El Paso Animal Clinic: 316-788-1000 (under the Beauties & Beasts

account and her name is Monday & Tuesday).

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com

(for Monday & Tuesday)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052

(for Monday & Tuesday)

9-21-21  Lily/Autumn  old and emaciated stray

The Hill District Cats
SOS- We just got this extremely neglected old cat and are taking her to the vet with us. We have an appt at one today for Stormy, Pumpkin and now Lily. (Renamed Autumn)We are in desperate need of funds to help these unfortunate, old cats!!!  

Vet:  Dravosburg vet at (412)466-4444 under Hill District Cats

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Lily/Autumn)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Lily/Autumn)

9-21-21  Several very urgent cats

Hearthside Cats, Inc.  Before 11 AM, we had received 4 urgent requests for emergency care this morning. With many emergency vets at capacity and fundraising down, it has been an incredibly stressful time for rescues. We are so sorry to ask for your help again, but we couldn't do it without your support. Thankfully, what appeared to be a blockage was not and our girl Princess was treated and returned to the loving care of her foster family. Sadly, our second request, a deserving kitten who had most likely experienced a traumatic injury, passed away in transport in the loving care of our wonderful friends at Headed For Furever, Inc. Please send healing thoughts to them, as every life is precious and every loss of innocent life heartbreaking. Our last call would come from our friends at Animal Rescue Connection, Inc., as a kind woman had arrived frantically at their door after watching in horror as a neighborhood cat was hit by a car that sped off without so much as a second glance. His femur was shattered and hip dislocated, but we were so thankful that x-rays otherwise showed no internal injuries. He will remain hospitalized until amputation is possible. We couldn't continue to help these cats and kittens without your help and your support means more than you could ever know.

Vet: Perry Vet, Livonia Center. 585-346-2140 under Hearthside Cats. 

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Hearthside Cats)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Hearthside Cats)

9-21-21  Calico - emaciated stray needs ER

Pitiful Paws Rescue is asking for donations. 🚨EMERGENCY!🚨 This sweet old girl was dropped near our facility and thankfully a good samaritan was able to scoop her up and keep her safe until they could get ahold of us. She is literally a walking skeleton. In the third picture below, you can see just how skinny she is with my hand. She is extremely matted, covered in feces, beyond emaciated, beyond dehydrated, has puss coming from her ears, wounds on her ears and a few other places, and much more. She is in rough shape to say the least. We did some diagnostic testing today to rule out FIV, FELV, and Pan-leuk and thankfully they were all negative…however she definitely has something going on internally and we are concerned about renal failure. She is going to the clinic for more bloodwork and diagnostics. We need your help now though. We are swamped with medical cases and just our regular animals that we care for daily…so we are asking that you please please consider donating today to help us get this sweet old girl the desperate help that she needs as well as for all of the other animals in our care. We are getting hundreds of calls daily about animals in need, adoptions are slow, transports are slower, and everyone is full right now. We are only taking in medical cases right now, just because our local shelters are beyond full and have wait lists that these animals would not survive on, not many others can/are taking medical emergencies and most are being directly to contact us. It takes a village, and we desperately need our village to step up now to help us get through this rough time in the animal rescue/sheltering world! Please, please consider donating today to help us and the animals in our care. ❤️

Vet:  Guyan Animal Hospital 304-736-3456 (for Pitiful Paws)

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Pitiful Paws)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Pitiful Paws)

9-22-21  Noel  - diabetic kitty needs er

We could really use some help if possible. It looks like the Indy Vet Energency & Specialty hospital needs to keep our sweet Noel overnight because she has ketones and proteins in her urine, kidneys and liver show high numbers, she is presenting as anemic and because she is so dehydrated from not drinking anything she is impacted with stool. They think she is starting to go into ketoacidosis and is diabetic. They need to stop it before she goes septic. She has to see the internal medicine doctor tomorrow. We rushed her to the vet as soon as we noticed something wrong. We didn’t really get other warning signs. If I consent to the treatment it could cost $2000-$5000! I only have $1000.00 and tried to apply for care credit and the scratch pass but didn’t get approved because of my own medical bills and life expenses. On top of all this I’m struggling with a traumatic brain injury and she is my emotional support animal. I have had to close down my business during this time also. 

Vet:  IndyVet & Specialty Hospital 317-782-4484 ACCT# 345140 NOEL Under Odessa Wallace

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Noel)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Noel)

9-24-21 Cat rescue in desperate need

I came upon a rescue group who is having to shut their doors due to lack of help. They need food, litter and cleaning products along with money. I have shipped some of these items to be reached by them no later than sunday. They are desperate and have no one to help. Anything else we raise will be set aside for the one kitty who is in dire need of a dental.  The Black Cat Feral Cat Care & Rescue

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for cats)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for cats)

9-24-21 Cat food needed

One of my Outreach families urgently needs Friskies canned food Meat/Seafood NOT pate. If you can help by donating some, please let me know. If you can drop off at the shelter, please make sure staff knows it's for Outreach. Thank you thank you!

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for food)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for food)

9-27-21  Macy  -  kitten needs amputation

Somebody dropped a kitten with a broken/dislocated unusable left front arm night before last in our privacy fenced backyard. After two nights of trying we caught the little one in a trap around midnight. It will need immediate vet care to find out what can be done to help it. I will need help covering the vet costs because we've had so many Emergency Medical Needs for different rescues that we've had to cover the majority of the costs for personally. The kitten will need a office visit with several x-rays and I'm sure meds and either the arm set or amputated. We will be using Angel Vet here in Odessa. Please share this message or my post to help us get this kitten the medical care it needs. I said I didn't have room for another rescue,but I know that animal control would only euthanize the little one and I couldn't bear the thought of that. So here we are again. Thanks for any help!🙏🙏  **UPDATE** Dr Andy put her on antibiotics/steroids and stronger pain meds because she's clearly suffering.😢 Her arm is broken from her shoulder and is not able to be repaired. This surgery needs to happen immediately before any other problems or complications arise from it

Vet:  Angel Vet  (432)381~0470 (for Macy under Angela Splawn)

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Macy)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Macy)

9-29-21  Major  -  dog with broken leg

Hello my name is Debbie I've been looking around for help.i just hate that I'm not able to do it my self.i covid an not able to get back to work.i have a 7 month old shepard he jumped off the loft in my sisters barn an he broke his right back leg in two places.i took him to the vet an im suppose to take him back Thursday there gonna to put a splint on. They put him to sleep to do this. It cost me 100.this past monday. That was the electric money but I had to do it.for Thursday its gonna cost 300.or 350.i just don't have it.

Twin creeks veterinary: 501-335-7100 for Major under Debra Winters

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Major)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Major)

9-29-21  Cat supplies needed

I was contacted by someone who helps their neighbor feed stray cats. This is a senior on a fixed income and barely has money to feed herself and uses what she has to feed the cats instead. Many cats, too many to count! She is being referred to someone who can help TNR for free but desperately needs help with food. TDC had some sent but would like to get her set up with a much bigger supply.

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Big colony)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Big colony)


9-30-21  Percy  -  severe tooth and eye problem 

I am reaching out in hopes to see if your club can help I am on my way to pick up three kittens that were pulled from a local farm one of them has no eyes one of them has one eye and the third one seems to be okay I made an appointment for my ride back home at vet house pet clinic to have them evaluated but I have a dental scheduled for my elderly cat Percy who has a severe tooth problem and some sort of lump on his eye on Thursday and my funds are very low I am wondering if there's any way you could help 

Vet: Schultzville Animal Hosp: 570-586-9373 (Percy under Titi's Animal Rescue)

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Percy)

TDC mailing address: P.O. Box 535 Whitehall Pa 18052 (for Percy)