04-06-14 Will - kitten hit by car   (PASSED AWAY)

We witness this baby clocked by a car and thrown into the air left on the side of the road. Oh my God!! We made the u-turn and found this baby trying to lift himself up with one leg. Alert, appeared to have no head trauma, we have taken him to the ER Vet hospital, where they are recommending amputation of the front wounded fractured leg and his back leg is in question as far as what will need to be done. We have other resources where we can have him seen tomorrow , so they will keep him hospitalized overnight, give him initial care and treatment. His estimate is $449-$539 for the overnight care, and we had to pay the low estimate up front. Folks we really could use some help with this, as this is just the beginning. We have named him Will, as he has a very strong will to live. We really are overstretched with all we have and this couldn't have come at a worse time. $5, $10, $20 whatever you could spare would be so appreciated. Will thanks you so much. Please keep him in your prayers.

PayPal: smbob2@aol.com
Mailing Address: The Dollar Club (for Will) P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem, Pa 18018

04-08-14 Sadie & Pretty Girl - 2 dogs with emergencies

Sadie was brought in with extreme damage to her left back leg and tail. At first they thought she had been burned or had chemicals poured on her, but they just weren't sure. Sadie's muscles were showing and she had no skin at all on a majority of her thigh. Her tail was degloved all together and it was just bone with skin hanging off it. She was in an extreme amount of pain , but with her puppy courage she only managed to give kisses to everyone she met! Looking at her injuries they determined that she was most likely hit and drug by a car. This would cause all of her skin to be gone on her leg, and also on her tail. They also believed her leg was injured at the bone and would need an FHO surgery **Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) is a surgical procedure that removes the head and neck from the femur. FHO surgery is performed to alleviate pain and lessen the amount of severe arthtiris in the future.  Read more at http://www.dogheirs.com/asrpets/posts/5405-dog-hit-and-drug-by-car-is-recovering-but-still-needs-your-help-graphic#g8VSgE0yEFcWqtQb.99

                                      A lady was driving near Fort Worth Tx and the unthinkable happened. She saw a
                                      dog fall from a bridge! In all the chaos she was able to see a truck above on the
                                      bridge. She is unsure if they threw the dog over the bridge or if she jumped p
                                      possibly trying to get away from them. Either way, they NEVER came down to check
                                      on her or get her back. Which to us, means that this horrible act was on purpose.
                                      We need to get her XRAYS, Shots and exam and then go from there.  It seems like
                                       her leg is broken and she has a big gash on her back leg from falling. We want to
                                       make sure nothing else is wrong with this girl and then get her on the road to recovery. With your help of donations and shares we can get her a wonderful new home! - See more at: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/i-was-thrown-from-a-bridge-on-hwy-820-i-need-your-help-/158344#sthash.XhecosRi.dpuf

PayPal: asr628@gmail.com
Mailing Address: Apollo Support & Rescue 8553 N. Beach St #137 , Fort Worth Tx 76244

04-09-14 (Money needed by 4/21/14)
Oreo - dog with Megaesophogus, myastemia gravis & thymoma

Meet our Oreo. She is a Lab/Boarder Collie mix who turned 10 years old this past December. We have had her since she was 7-8 weeks old. She is a big part of our family's lives, going everywhere & doing everything we do. In the beginning of March, Oreo developed MegaEsphogus idiopathically & subsequently was diagnosised with Myasthenia Gravis. Upon Ultrasound, a Thymoma was discovered in her chest. Oreo requires surgery to remove the Thymoma which is close to her heart. Her neurologist feels this is the root cause of her Myasthenia Gravis & possibly her MegaEsophagus. If we remove the Thymoma, she is expected to have a full recovery & hopefully go into remission. Oreo's procedure is scheduled to be done laproscopically, however, the Thymoma is progressing and if this surgery is not done soon, it will need to be done as an open procedure (similair to open heart surgery on a human). This would mean a longer hospital stay & longer recovery time. We have currently exhausted our funding options on the treatments & diagonistic testing that allowed her doctors to arrive at these diagnoses. I'm asking for your help in saving our girl.

PayPal: http://www.gofundme.com/82vs24
PayPal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com
Mailing address: The Dollar Club (For Oreo) P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem Pa 18018
04-11-14 Burned Kitty

We just got off the phone with Penn Vet. Our poor little firecat from Wednesday morning's devastating fire on Roosevelt Blvd in Philly, needs to spend another night in oxygen. She is still having some trouble breathing from the smoke inhalation and still having some pain from the burns on her ears and side:(
We still don't know her name. Her owner was taken to the hospital in critical condition and we have not been able to get in contact with the owner's family. We did leave our info with her landlord who is in contact with the owner's son. Hopefully they will both make a full recovery and can be reunited soon!
Even with the very, very generous discount the amazing staff and doctors at Penn give our displaced pets, "Roosevelt"s bill is currently close to $1000! 

PayPal: http://www.redpawemergencyreliefteam.org/donate/
Mailing address: Red Paw Emergency Relief Team 1328 S. 24th St Philadelphia, PA 19146

04-12-14 Peppy - GI bleed

A FREEDOM RIDE TURNS INTO EMERGENCY ROOM VISIT - Yesterday we asked you to help us rescue this sweet kitty from a certain death at animal control. He was slated to be put to sleep at 10 a.m. and YOU helped us raise the funding to rescue him. He has a spinal cord injury and had been waiting a long time for a rescue to come. We sent a volunteer to go pick him up and bring him to our shelter for intake yesterday afternoon, only to realize he is SICK! This was not 'tiny cold and cough sick,' but 'Rush him to emergency! He needs help NOW!' sick.  Luckily he is doing MUCH better this morning after overnight care, but he was dehydrated, had white gums, his white blood cell count was 28,000 and low red cell count was 16%. He did receive a transfusion last night from the animal blood bank and continues to loose blood. They believe Peppy could have a GI bleed. We still have many tests to run before we figure out the best course of treatment for this little man, but we can tell you with certainty that, without YOUR help yesterday, he WOULD NOT BE ALIVE AND FIGHTING!  We need to raise $1,600 to meet this weekend's emergency bill estimate.

PayPal: http://furkids.org/donate/
Mailing address: Furkids PO Box 191102 Atlanta, GA 31119

04-13-14 Simon - kitten attacked by dogs

URGENT HELP NEEDED! Just received emergency call about a young cat who had been attacked by dogs...the kitty had managed to wedge himself in between two heavy trash cans to keep the dogs from finishing him off. His jaw is severely broken with the bone hanging out. He has been rushed to our wonderful vets at Sparta Road Vet clinic...He has been given pain meds, antibiotics and will receive fluid...It is thought that he was attacked yesterday but was not found until today! He was covered in blood, urine, dog slobber & his own slobber...He will have emergency surgery tomorrow after he is a little more stable to wire his jaw back together...then the key will be getting him to eat! For now, he cannot close his mouth or even drink water! We seriously need help for this little boy's medical bills...he deserves every chance we can give him after the terror he has been thru! No donation too small...We are calling him Simon! SIMON SAYS PLEASE HELP ME!

Paypal: helpsavecats08@yahoo.com
Mailing address: KKCRS PO Box 914 McMinnville Tn 37110

04-15-14 Pooter Kidney failure

I've have Pooter since she was 5 weeks old. she was so malnourished didn't think she would make it but now 15 years later my baby is sick. She is vomiting almost everyday. talked to a vet and it sounds like kidneys are shutting down but they cant rule out a blockage or parasite or some kind of IBD. She needs x-rays and blood tests, and urine tests done . I am myself fighting with social security for I am unable to work. Please she is my baby, help please.

PayPal: Thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Pooter)
Mailing address: The Dollar Club (for Pooter) P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem Pa 18018

04-19-14 Daphne Kitten who fell on her head at 3 weeks old

Our sweet little Daphne, the little 3 week old baby we just took in, just took a fall and she is not doing well. She is being taken to Maricopa Animal Hospital, but our funds are completely depleted and they will not see her until we get enough donations calls directly into the vet. PLEASE help us help her, we are absolutely distraught over this. The phone # to the vet is 520-568-2224 and it will be under Daphne/Hope's Edge. Please please please share and donate if you can, we need to save this poor sweet angel and we need your help to do so!!!!
********Update 4/15 - This morning we woke up and her head is swelling with a fluid like gap on top. Not sure where the fluid in her brain is coming from but she will be heading over to Maricopa animal hospital shortly... Please keep daphne in your prayers... And please if you can donate now. See more at: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/sweet-baby-daphne-s-medical-fund-please-help-us-help-her-/165469#sthash.uFhktJz1.dpuf

PayPal: hopesedgeanimalrescue@gmail.com
Mailing Address: The Dollar Club (for Daphne) P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem Pa 18018
04-19-14 Max - dog attacked by 2 other dogs

URGENT! This poor boy MAX was picked up and brought to CCAC today with awful internal and external damage. Max was taken immediately to the vet and is scheduled to have surgery. He was ripped apart by 2 dogs and brought to the kill shelter to be put to sleep by a heart stick. TLC was there when he came in and wanted to help. We rushed him to the vet, he had surgery yesterday and has a long healing process ahead of him. He is a very humble and sweet boy. He will be with the vet a few more days. Max needs your help with his vet bill. Your donations are welcomed. If you would like to donate you can call Stockbridge Veterinary Hospital and make a donation in his name or paypal.com to tlcpetrescue@gmail.com. Thank you all for your continued support.

PayPal: tlcpetrescue@gmail.com
Mailing address: The Dollar Club (for Max) P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem Pa 18018

04-23-14 Sarge - Cat with broken bones and diaphramatic hernia

A feral cat feeder contacted RCHS about Sarge, a friendly male cat that was limping. After an examination and radiographic films taken by a local vet, he was diagnosed with healed fractures (left humerus and right ribs...healed wrongly but non-painfully) and a chronic diaphragmatic hernia thought to be traumatic in origin. A diaphragmatic hernia means there is a hole in his diaphragm which allowed his intestines and other abdominal organs are into the chest cavity, compressing the lungs and making it very difficult to inflate them. This makes breathing hard for Sarge, and he has to rest frequently. Repair of a chronic diaphragmatic hernia is a challenging surgery and best done at a specialist.
At only about a year old, he's seen more pain than any kitty as sweet as he should ever have to experience. As soon as funds are raised, he will undergo surgery at to repair the damage and help him finally be able to take a breath without struggle. RCHS is a registered 501c3 no-kill animal rescue

PayPal: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-sarge-breathe-easier-/158160
Mailing Address: The Dollar Club (for Sarge) P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem Pa 18018

04-24-14 Bashful - cat beat with skateboard

This is Bashful. He was being hit with skateboards by some awful kids. He was then abandoned at emergency vet, where he was surrendered to Animal Control. Animal Control gave the OK for the ER to euthanize him, since he had a bad URI, injuries from the skate board and diarrhea. Our vet spoke to ER vet 2 hours away, and she kindly agreed to get AC's OK for his surrender to her care for Feline Underground Network. He is now being treated for his injuries.

PayPal: Felineundergroundnetwork@gmail.com
Mailing Address: Feline Underground Network 19406 Soledad Canyon Rd
Santa Clarita, Ca 91351
4-25-14 Miley Kitten with severe ear infection

Miley the Slurpee Cup Kitten! Miley was rescued by an animal control after they were alerted to a kitten with a Slurpee cup stuck to her head! Miley was transferred to our organization today! She's about 5 months old and has one more obstacle to overcome. She has a severe, painful polyp in her ear and requires emergency surgery, as well as her spay. She has already visited our vet at 4 Paws Animal Hospital and received a full check-up. Please consider making an emergency donation so that Miley can have her surgery ASAP and feel better!!

PayPal:  http://www.halrescue.org/   and click the gold "donate" button
Mailing Address: HAL, PO Box 237, Manalapan, NJ 07726.

4-28-14 Smudge - kitten with leg torn off


Mailing address: The Dollar Club (For Smudge) P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem, Pa 18018
You can call in donations to the vet at: HOLLYWOOD ANIMAL HOSPITAL AT 954-920-3556

4-30-14 Ross - Cat with many badly infected abscesses, ear mites, teeth and URI

EMERGENCY DONATION REQUEST  This loving and affectionate 6 year old cat is in extreme pain. He has Abscesses in both jaws which has his head swollen to twice it's normal size, and is in desperate need of Dental work. His suffering from Upper Respiratory Infection has his eyes swollen shut. If that wasn't enough, he has Ear Mites so bad that he has shredded his ears and the top of his head from scratching.  When You Pet Ross Its Like, He Begins To Purrrr, Because Its Been Such A Long Time Since Some One Showed Him Love, Or Even Petted Him, The Lady That Called Said The Other Cats Would Beat Him Up, Children Would Scream And Throw Rocks At Him And Call Him The Monster Cat!!!

PayPal: http://www.fatcatrescueinc.org/
Or PayPal: fatcatrescue@yahoo.com
Mailing address: Fat Cat Rescue 2523 24th Place North Chicago, IL 60064