8-2-18 Penny - kitten with hole in lings and diaphramatic hernia

This sweet little Penny has been through quite the ringer! She has been with us since she was born and everything was normal until she went into surgery to be spayed. In that surgery, she died and was revived TWICE. That revealed that she had a heart problem as well as a hole in her diaphragm. She was then transferred to VSS West where they found a hole in one of her lungs. They then transferred her to the main VSS because of the severity. As always, we will take care of her needs including a surgery today to fix these problems. However, this is quite an expensive case (today’s surgery alone will be around $3,000-4,000). We are in desperate need of donations to be able to continue helping these special animals like Penny. 

​​Snuggle Rescue Group paypal:  https://www.paypal.me/SNUGGLE
Snuggle Rescue Group address:  SNUGGLE. 200 Park Charles Blvd N.St. Peters Mo.63376​
The Dollar Club Paypal:  thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Penny)
The Dollar Club Mailing Address: TDC P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Penny)​​

8-4-18 Tiny kitten - anemic/lethargic

Need some help: I got four, 5 week old kittens out of some deep woods on Wednesday. They were clearly dumped because they are social. They were covered in tick and had the green snot and eye pus.Everyone was improving until this morning. No more green snot or eye buggers, but one has become increasingly lethargic, her gums are white, and she's having issues breathing. I do not think she will last until Monday. Does anything know a vet in the Triangle of North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) who will charge normal rates to see this kitten instead of weekend rates? I have 20 kittens in various states of rescue, so I really can't pay weekend rates to an emergency vet.

***UPDATE***  Thank you very much! She would not have lasted over night. The prognoses is guarded, but she's on the right medication to give her a chance. Again, thank you all very much. I will not forget it. It is anemia, from the ticks, or fleas, or hooks, who knows? She has a chance now thanks to you guys.

Banfield in Wake Forest NC: 919-562-3852
The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Tiny Tiger)
The Dollar Club Mailing Address: TDC P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Tiny Tiger)​​

8-6-18 Zoe - kitten with lung worms & distemper

Another unfortunate heartbreaking situation in my rescue efforts! I didn’t want to have to post again asking for help but everybody is telling me I am silly as I am in rescue and will always need help! Zoe a week ago ended up at the vet with labored breathing she was diagnosed with lung worms at the time! After three days of medication she was not getting any better she was going downhill. I brought her back to the veterinarian yesterday and she has been diagnosed with feline distemper which is usually life-threatening in Kittens! They have admitted her and are trying to hopefully get her to turn the corner and survive this horrible disease! Unfortunately again I am looking at an $800 veterinarian bill or more! I do everything I do out of my own pocket and usually don’t have a problem but the Zeke and Zoe situation have put me over the edge! Everyone was so generous with Zeke and if anybody can find it in their heart to submit a donation for Zoe I would greatly appreciate it! Please keep her in her thoughts and pray for her to survive this this horrible Disease! It is truly heartbreaking!​​

Jamestown veterinary hospital at 716-664-4204 (for Zoe under Brenda Goodwill)
The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Zoe)
The Dollar Club Mailing Address: TDC P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Zoe)​​​
8-10-18 Mama Kitty kitty with missing paw 

I pledged Dollar Club help back on
July 13th and then packed up my computer for my move from Fl to Pa and forgot to call in the payment, so I did it today.  Thankfully, kitty did have surgery and is all better.

This was a kitty who was brought in by her caretaker for a spay because she kept having litter after litter. However, her back paw was missing and had bone sticking out.  

Whiskers & Paws Veterinary Wellness via paypal straight to vet at Kbmhwm@gmail.com for Mama Kitty or by calling 704-213-1403. ​​ (Maureen McGrath & Jen Fraiser / Rowan County Cats & Kittens need your help)

8-10-18 Turtle

Little turtle needs this eye removed

Wanna Be Pet Rescue is a 501c3

Wanna Be Pet Rescue:  https://www.facebook.com/donate/2179988262279145/
​The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Turtle)
The Dollar Club Mailing Address: TDC P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Turtle)​​​

8-11-18 Tux - kitten needing eye surgery

​URGENT donations are desperately needed for Tux.  Tux was found by 1 of our volunteers crying in a yard, he was rushed to a vet and put on pain meds and other medications for infection, he's been to 3 vets in 2 weeks as he has his ups and downs with his recovery, the final decision is he will have to have his eye removed.  He's 9 weeks old, and even though he is in pain and discomfort, he is sweet as pie and he is safe and loved by his foster mom. His bills are rising and will only get to be more as it comes closer to his surgery!  He was rushed into SIVG last night bc his eye started bleeding, he was put on another 3 medications  if anyone can donate any amount towards his bill it will be greatly appreciated. Victory 4 the Voiceless Animal Rescue is a 501c3

​SI Vet Group (718) 370-0390
Victory 4 the Voicelss Paypal: victory4thevoiceless@gmail.com
The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Tux)
The Dollar Club Mailing Address: TDC P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Tux)​​​

8-12-18 Basia - very ill cat - new mom

cat is going to GARDEN STATE VET HOSPITAL in tinton falls. WE NEED DONATIONS IMMEDIATELY FOR HER!!!!  New mom cat in serious distress and needs a vet now.  We only have $100 in our account and it is after hours so we must got to a 24/7 hospital.

​​Update: THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! Mama cat is doing ok and just has an extremely bad upper respiratory infection- we also believe she is asthmatic and the stress from being trapped and having her babies has been too much for her. She is now on antibiotic and is doing ok but does need a foster as she is not feral and can’t be released outside with asthmaBabies are going to be bottle fed, under vets advice, by our amazing feeder and foster Alexis 💖💖💖

PayPal.me/wizardofpawsrescue OR call vet directly (732) 922-0011
The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Basia)
The Dollar Club Mailing Address: TDC P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Basia)​​​​

8-14-18 TDC sent $100 worth of cat food for a managed cat colony in Hialeah, Florida

(Feeder is Irene Winchester)​
The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Cat Colony)
The Dollar Club Mailing Address: TDC P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Cat colony)​​​​

8-14-18 TDC sent $100 worth of cat food for a managed cat colony in Hialeah, Florida

I need cat food wet and dry please we are out😿 I’ll be buying couple for this week please anyone help us we really need Hialeah Florida cats thank you so much 🐾😻🙏🏼 ship to me any kind works ..👍🏼

​​Janet Judge  3599 w 14 ct Hialeah florida 33012 ..
​PayPal  Anthonygabrielhatem@gmail.com​​
The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for cat colony)
The Dollar Club Mailing Address: TDC P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for cat colony)​​​​

8-15-18 Cat/kitten food needed for colony in Quakertown

(Kim Brown Womack)
8-17-18 - Animal Shelter in dire need of cat food

We are in desperate need of canned/wet cat food for our kittens and adult cats. The cats take their medicines so much better with tasty food, and the kittens need it to grow and be healthy. 
THANK YOU. Our vet bills for injured and sick dogs and cats have been enormous the last few weeks. We thank all for any donations and help. All is tax-deductible. 8/15/18

Stray Hearts Animal Rescue 6682 Beauty Road Beauty KY 41203
The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Stray Hearts)
The Dollar Club Mailing Address: TDC P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Stray Hearts)​​​​​​

8-17-18 Jeff - Cat hit by car with broken jaw

Carson Cats  THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT AND DONATIONS!! Thanks to every single one of you, sweet Jeff has a volunteer en route to pick him up and take him to emergency care. The battle doesn’t end here- he is not in good condition and we are still scraping together any money we can to pay for him to be stabilized. We will post more once we know more, but keep the shares and donations coming- he needs us now more than ever!!

​​A5208666 8yr male brown tabby "Jeff". This cat has been in the clinic since it came in. The vet showed it to me yesterday when I went into the clinic to check on something else. He has an abscess on his leg possible old fracture, a broken jaw, plus they wired part of his face, and on top of that, emaciated. Possible hit by a car.​​ They will euthanize if a rescue is not found because they cannot provide the level of care he needs and is in terrible pain. 

Carson cats is a 501c3
​​Carson Cats:  paypal.me/carsoncats or go to our website at http://www.carsoncats.com/help. Indicate "Jeff"
The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Jeff)
The Dollar Club Mailing Address: TDC P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Jeff)​​​​​​

8-20-18 Long Hair Siamese with tail injury

Anyone missing a cat? My neighbor thinks she may be a female, wasn’t sure due to having matted fur and poop on her! She is located in South Scranton! My neighbor said that she is very friendly but due to her having three other cats she can’t bring her in! She doesn’t have her cage either unfortunately anyone know this cat or could they help! She said that her belly is hanging low so may be pregnant(if she is a girl)! She wasn’t 100% sure​​ And she is DECLAWED!

****UPDATE:**** She has an open wound down to the bone on her tail. Her fur is infested with maggots and wound. Capstar not helping . Maggots around rear end not sure internal yet​​.  At the ER vet right now. NEPA Animal Adoption Network has her and they are a 501c3 (Nancy Reese)

​NEPA Animal Adoption Network paypal: Nepaanimal2@aol.com (for long hair siamese)

The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Long Hair Siamese)
The Dollar Club Mailing Address: TDC P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Long hair siamese)​​​​​​

8-20-18 - kitten needing eye removal ASAP

**UPDATE**  Baby Hope is in such pain and I have scheduled her surgery on Tuesday.
Thank you to all who have contributed.

On Monday July 30 my dad and I went out to a late lunch at The Bears Den in downtown Macon. After finishing our meal I was walking to the parking lot and two very small, very sick kittens literally crossed my path (Hope & Faith). Their eyes were matted shut with so much infection they could not even see. I did not hesitate to pick them up because I knew they needed immediate vet attention. Thus far they have required four vet visits for antibiotics, fluids, eye medications, parasite treatment, combo tests and a procedure to have an eyelid detachment. All previous donations and personal funds have been exhausted. They are showing significant improvement and are eating good, playing, very vocal and both their eyes are open. I am even seeing their little personalities come to life :). Because of the lack of care they received before I found them the damage that has been done to their eyes is just now coming to light since the swelling and infection are going down. Unfortunately we now see that Hope's right eye has ruptured several times and is not viable. She requires surgery as soon as possible because at this point it is painful and causing her a lot of discomfort. I will continue to do everything I can for them both but I need your help with funds to have Hope's eye surgery and to help her through the recovery.  Thank You All!

Brantley & Jordon Animal Hospital (478)757-1600. They are under my name; Brandi Coulter Bentancourt as "kittens"
The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for kittens/eyes)
The Dollar Club Mailing Address: TDC P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for kittens/eyes)​​​​​​


8-23-18 Lizzie - kitten with broken jaw

On Thursday I was at a municipal shelter to pick up some dogs and puppies. While there I noticed a very friendly kitten soliciting attention but who was also apparently very injured. She has a broken jaw and one of her legs is completely limp. Most municipal shelters don't have the funding or capacity to care for animals who have such serious injuries so she would have been euthanized. You know when you connect with an animal and just can't walk away, well that's exactly what happened that day. It did not feel like it was even an option to leave her.  I took her to the vet the same day for an exam and x-rays, she is otherwise a healthy playful friendly kitten. This fundraiser is to get her surgery to wire her jaw and fix her leg. There is a chance this will exceed 1k, but anything will help as I am going to do whatever I can to help this kitty. As it turns out she also has the best personality and even with all her ailments she is still eating, drinking and playing. ​​

Oradell animal hospital 201-649-0213 Account # 285 089 feline rescue of staten island Under the name lizzie
Fundraiser (Not a 501c3):  https://www.gofundme.com/lizzie039s-broken-jaw-amp-paw ​
The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Lizzie)
The Dollar Club Mailing Address: TDC P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Lizzie)​​​​​​

8-25-18 Devin - Stray cat with huge eye injury

From a post  saw:

My kids just found this cat...i don't know where to take it...i don't got money to take to vet...where can I take it to get it help?

A rescue friend got this cat to the ER vet last night (Jen Frasier)​​​​​​

Bill At ER was $186.78 that was Covered. But He will be having Eye Surgery at North Davidson Veterinary Hospital in the morning. ​​Name is Devin , he will be Under Angi Elkins.

Vet: 336-731-6978​​

The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Devin)
The Dollar Club Mailing Address: TDC P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Devin)​​​​​​​
8-27-28 Thomas - very sick kitten

Little Thomas got real bad real quick yesterday! I did not go to bed last night for fear he would pass alone! I keep trying to dropper feed electrolytes every few minutes but he either vomits or loose stools lose the fluid. I have done fluid under the skin and pro-pectlin an anti diarrhea medication from the vet. This hit him fast hard and unexpected. I am sad he is so weak! Please pray for him to pull through! The little guy did not have a good life before I got him I am hoping he can get better and enjoy some things kitties love like snuggles, scratches and cat nip and canned food! Please pray for his strength and stamina and they have some medication that can help him!!​​  Going to the emergency vet right now since he pooped and vomited all night.  **UPDATE**  They gave me two medications and did a fecal and no guarantee. They think it’s coxcidia which they said if it for sure is it’s likely a death sentence for him. I will keep fighting believe me!!!

Vet: Goshen Animal Clinic 574533-0535 under melissa Koeppel-wolf​ for Thomas
The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Thomas)
The Dollar Club Mailing Address: TDC P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Thomas)​​​​​​​
8-27-18 Nono - Stray cat needing vet visit

This poor baby walked up to us today. I don’t know where it’s been or who’s it is.. I will never understand how people can neglect their animals!! It’s obviously been someone’s pet before because it’s so loving and just wants help. We are going to take it to the vet tomorrow but if anyone wants to help out I’ll post the link to the go fund me in the comments. TAKE CARE OF YOUR ANIMALS!!!!!!​​  **UPDATE** currently at the vet office now - She’s pitiful this morning. So much drainage from her nose. We cleaned her off the best we could and the vet said they’d call us as soon as they know something so I will let y’all know ASAP! Feel free to message me!

Vet:​​ White Pine Vet at 865-674-7393 (under Jessica Ball for Nono)
The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Nono)
The Dollar Club Mailing Address: TDC P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Nono)​​​​​​​​

8-27-18 Mila - kitten needing leg amputation

urget ⚠⚠ We looking for sponsor for mila's treatment & her amputation surgery , She suffers from broken pelvis and ulcers. Found like this outside as kitten.  Very chatty bug bless, has sores inside her leg from urine and feces.  Eats well and plays, Omnya bathes her and soothes her wounds
Pelvis is broken and she'll never walk, vet advised amputating the stiff leg due to reoccurence if sores, buts she's only about 4 months old.

This is an egyptian kitten we are trying to help. ​​

PayPal : monica_baverstock@hotmail.co.uk (for paralyzed kitten Mila) 
The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Mila)
The Dollar Club Mailing Address: TDC P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Mila)​​​​​​​​​

8-28-18 Kyndra - kitty who ate string

Super urgent.... Kyndra swallowed string which got tied around her tongue and the vet cut off. The vet said give few days and see if passes on own. It has not. It is caught around her organs and will cut her intestines. Three days since ate. Must have emergency surgery. 5 vets, including dpc, want $2000 and it is too much. We need a low cost surgeon that can fit her in tomorrow or donations of $2000. **UPDATE** she survived surgery, string wrapped around organs, they got her just in time!  (Cat Crusade is a 501c3) 

Cat Crusade Paypal:  catcrusade@aol.com (for Kyndra)

The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Kyndra)
The Dollar Club Mailing Address: TDC P.O. Box 116 Hereford, Pa 18056 (for Kyndra)​​​​​​​​​