12-2-15  Breena injured cat

Breena is a beautiful big girl that has an injury to her rear legs. From what it looks like she doesn't have feeling in her feet but does attempt to move her legs when walking. She is urgent and needs out of the shelter ASAP. If your a rescue that can help her, please e-mail animalsofipac@gmail.com IPAC NEW IBERIA, LA  (SAVED)  UPDATE:   The news on Breena was not good; she was in shock, moaning in pain. she was sedated and made comfortable for her exam and xrays.Both legs were necrotic and no circulation with feeling or purposful movement at all, the vet was not sure how far up her spine the necrosis/Gangrene had set in. Amputating both legs would have been the only option and for her and she still had so much infection that her prognosis was poor. After the exam, xrays and discussion is was agreed on euthanasia was the best option for her. I was very saddened because I was hoping for the best recovery for her. It is unknown how long she had been this way, but she is no longer in pain and she was comfortable and loved her last few minutes here.  Animals IPAC​​

12-1-15  Lil Joe kitten with a birth defect

Joseph (Lil Joe) is a sweet kitten that has had a rough start in life. He was abandoned by his mother at 4 weeks of age. Luckily, a Good Samaritan brought him into our local veterinary office where the team worked tirelessly to get him well. Initially, he had to be hand fed and kept on warming blankets because he was unable to keep his body temperature up on his own. He had many close calls where the veterinary team had to sit vigil with him, making sure that he stayed with us. Often, he had to go home with staff members to continue his nursing through the night. After a few weeks, he was able to eat on his own and began to act like a normal little kitten!

 As Lil Joe continued to grow, he developed an abnormality called Pectus Excavatum. This abnormality has caused his chest to be sunken and doesn't allow enough room for his heart and lungs. His lungs are not able to fully expand causing Joseph to get out of breath very easily. He still wants to play like a normal kitten, but his abnormality will not allow him.

Once this abnormality was discovered, Purdue University's College of Veterinary Medicine was contacted. They donated their time and resources to develop a 3D model of his chest and a surgical plan to correct Lil Joe's abnormality. Without surgery, Lil Joe will most likely not survive to be an adult. Although the generous staff at the College are donating as much time and resources as they can, we still need to raise money to cover the remaining cost of the surgery.

Little Joseph has been through so much in his 13 weeks of life. I don't know many people or pets that would be able to go through this and stay as happy and outgoing as he is. He has touched the lives of so many people in the time that he has been with us. With this surgery, he would have a chance at the normal life that has thus far eluded him.

The funds need to be raised within the next two weeks to ensure that Lil Joe doesn't outgrow the 3D model of his chest. Anyone who is able to donate will have the eternal thanks of everyone at the veterinary clinic, the team at Purdue, Lil Joe's adoptive family, and, of course, Lil Joe.​​

TDC Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (mark for Lil Joe)
Mailing address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem, Pa 18018 ​
​Vet's Paypal:  Mark for Lil Joe   cmcherry8809@gmail.com
​​Fundraiser:  https://www.gofundme.com/zbbvygqs​​

12-6-15  Spencer won't eat due to stomatitis

Spencer was rescued from a cat hoarder. We took six, one of which is Spencer. He has bad teeth that must come out. He can no longer eat and is not allowing syringe feeding due to the pain of the food touching his teeth and gums. Surgery will correct this. It is usually $800-1000 but All Aboard has agreed to do it for $500. We don't have much time. Please donate and share. He will not live if surgery is not done. Can also donate to catcrusade.org or catcrusade@aol.com via paypal. Thank you.
Fundraiser Updates 1:  Posted on December 6, 2015 by Cat Crusade
I'm syringe feeding him but I can't get enough food in him because his mouth hurts too bad please please help and donate whatever you can and share this so that we can get him into surgery.​​  (THEY ARE A 501c3)

Fundraiser:  https://www.youcaring.com/spencer-via-cat-crusade-80708#.VmQzWhgqsqp.facebook
PayPal:  ​​​catcrusade@aol.com
TDC Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (mark for Spencer)
Mailing address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem, Pa 18018 ​​(for Spencer)

12-16-15   cat needing vet visit ASAP

​​Katt was dumped not once, but twice. First at NYCACC high kill then I adopted her out. Five yrs later a shelter called to alert me (via microchip) that she had been dumped again. This time though Katt was severely thin and covered in fleas. She is not a planned kitty and although I desperately need another caretaker for her, no one has offered a place for her and she is in need of vetting. She has stopped vomiting but still having blowout diarrhea. She is super thin and I am worried about her. I looked in her mouth tonight and went to rip off some tarter and her tooth was so rotted black it came out. I plan on getting bloodwork and meds for her along with poss xrays and dentistry pending on her bloodwork results. Please help. I dont want her to die!

Vet:  508-216-3517
Are we home yet Hospice Cat rescue
TDC Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (mark for Spencer)
Mailing address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem, Pa 18018 ​​(for Spencer)​
Fundraising page: https://www.youcaring.com/katt-vet-expenses-487008#.Vm59gzLYlEY.facebook​

12-7-15 Rosemary needs emergency surgery for pyometra

We need to raise $250 in pledges ASAP URGRENT
Rose Mary A29982297 is at CCSPCA High Kill Shelter in Fresno, Ca
Before posting Rose Mary I had a long conversation with both our rescue vets regarding Rose Mary having Pyometra that is very serious and would need surgery right away. If the Pyometra should bust it would most likely kill her.
The shelter wants to put her down NOW!!! We have to work fast to get her out of the shelter.
Both vets have informed me that this normally would cost about $600 to do surgery. Our rescue vets will cut that cost way down to help Rose Mary. They would cut the cost to less then half the normal rate for this type of surgery. She will also need to be spayed at the same time. This surgery will take a long process during surgery.
After surgery she would need to be put on medication and given Cefazoline injections. Likely be put on IV fluids to treat for dehydration. Will need to be watched and placed in ISO.
If we can get Rose Mary out of the shelter she will go right to one of our rescue vets for surgery. This is very urgent need of help in pledges. Both of our rescue vets have stated if we can get her into surgery right way. We can help save her life. This is all caused due to not being spayed !!!!!!!!!!!
Our rescue is willing to go that extra step to help Rose Mary to save her life.

Feral Paws Rescue:  https://www.facebook.com/feralpawsrescue/?fref=photo​

Money was raised and Rosemary was saved!

12-17-15 Pug found in dumpster



​Fundraisier page​:  https://www.youcaring.com/southern-souls-rescue-488791#.VnMxU32TwHM.facebook
Southern souls rescue paypal:  DONATIONS@SOUTHERNSOULSRESCUE.ORG​
TDC Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (mark for Pug)
Mailing address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem, Pa 18018 ​​(for Pug)​​

12-18-15 Shade kitten with broken vertebrate

Please help me save him if he is not seen by a vet he will continue to decline and pass. Shade is now losing function in his legs. He is dragging himself around when he does try and walk. He could have a blood clot and if that is the case it will kill him. I need answers on what is wrong with him. I need to know after all the work I put into saving him I can not lose him now. He is part of our family. He's helped me in so many ways. Please please help me save him. I can not do this alone.  

​He came to me when my nephew found him Sept 4th 2015. Shade was limp, severely dehydrated and emaciated. I could feel every bone in his body including between the ribs. I honestly didn't believe he would make it through the night. I woke up honestly scared to open the door to the room he was in but when I did he was just there staring at me. I had a friend administer sub q fluids where he took 15 cc of fluids. And it helped but he was still dehydrated.
Sept 6th 2015 he was rushed to the er vet where they determined he was about 8 weeks old. He was diagnosed with an abscess on the side of his neck, due to some injury that we couldn't be sure of as well as possible ch since the x rays and physical exam didn't show anything else. He also received another 30ccs of fluids due to his dehydration. After coming home I gave him his first dose of antibiotics and started treating his abscess as well as gave him a/d around the clock to build weight on him. After a few days he started looking great, his coat started to smooth out and he seemed to have a sparkle in his eyes. However that all changed within a week and a half of treatment. Shade had declined and was not able to use his back legs, the abscess that was on the side of his neck had now surfaced to the top of the base of his neck. Once he lost function of his legs he was urinating and defecating on himself. He couldnt walk and would drag himself anywhere he tried to go. After having him on antibiotics for two weeks I discontinued the antibiotics and started heat compression on the abscess and after 3 days it went down after a week he regained use of his legs. I massaged his legs and would use a cloth tie to prop hos back legs up to help him walk before he gained control. Shade did great after he started walking again. His personality really came through he has had issues with his back legs/spine but it'd believed he has ch. When he walks he walks sometimes to the side and when he runs his legs sometime slide out from under him. He had fought so hard to stay alive and now after two months his condition has seemed to get much worse.

UPDATE: Just got back from Dr Wilson's office shade is in desperate need. I was informed that he has some broken vertebraes that will need surgery to correct his thoracic vertebrae 4 5 and 6. They gave me steroids to see if it will help and I must restrict his movement. This surgery is his best chance otherwise it can continue to happen and he will lose all function in his legs where it will affect his bladder and organs resulting in euthenization. Please please help me. I have never asked for this much help and I'm desperate to keep him with me.​​

Fundraising page (NOT 501c3):  https://www.youcaring.com/shade-487956#.VnJGa_jagAl.facebook
Vet: Dr peterson Town and country vet 801-328-8543 Address1220 state St salt lake city UT. Under my name Morgan Spratt.
TDC Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (For Shade)
Mailing address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem, Pa 18018 ​​(for Shade)​
12-21-15 Starburst & Kayla 2 puppies needing emergency help

As many people are busy preparing to celebrate Christmas in a few days, we are busier than ever trying to save as many lives as possible. Starburst & Kayla are 2 new puppies just saved from the NYC ACC. Both are in horrible condition fighting for their very lives!! 
Starburst is a little brindle and white pitty puppy only 4-5 months old who cannot stand or walk. Her front legs and jaw are swollen. She shakes and her body temp is too low. Our medical team is very worried about infectious diseases, possibly distemper or puppy strangles. She is in very dangerous shape. The second puppy is Kayla. Kayla endured the unthinkable in her very own home!!! Kayla is an 8 month old chocolate lab puppy who endured a brutal and ruthless attack by 5 other dogs in her own home!!! She lost a lot of blood and is in shock. Kayla cannot even lift her head. She is covered in bite wounds. She also cannot stand or walk. We do not yet know if she has internal injuries or broken bones.  Her owners then dumped her at the shelter instead of treating her wounds.
We took both of these puppies because we could not stand to see them suffering in the shelter. Neither one came with any pledges or donations. We are begging for help here!!!  We need immediate, urgent funds to get both of these sweet puppies the medical care they need right now!  We are counting on you all for help! We wish you all a very Happy Holiday, but please don't ignore their suffering! We beg you & they need you!!!  Thank you in advance for caring! We cannot do this without your support!!!  501c3​ Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
​Fundraising page: ​https://www.youcaring.com/our-amazing-new-puppies-kayla-sparkle-fighting-to-live-490842#.VnhTJE5wuow.facebook
Donation page: http://rescuedogsrocknyc.org/donate/​
TDC Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (For 2 dogs)
Mailing address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem, Pa 18018 ​​(for 2 dogs)​​
12-29-15 Kiora kitten with damaged heart

​​Six month old Kiora has a broken heart. A docile and very quiet kitty, she has a condition known as PDA and must undergo surgery ASAP. Her heart murmur is as strong as a washing machine, and her heart is enlarged. A duct leading to her heart is open and must be closed surgically or she will likely succumb to heart failure by her first birthday. Normally, the ductus arteriosus closes down within several days after birth, but if it stays open (patent), blood continues to bypass the lungs to a certain extent and eventually causes congestive heart failure. This specialized surgery must be performed by an experienced vet and happen as soon as possible. The surgery should make all of her heart conditions reversible. Kiora is a beautiful Tortie whose heart may be broken, but is full of love. Please give what you can to save her life.  This group is a 501c3​​

Fundraiser:  https://www.youcaring.com/mid-hudson-animal-aid-492989
Mid Hudson Animal Aid:  Mid Hudson Animal Aid 54 Simmons Ln Beacon, NY 12508​
TDC Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (For Kiora)
Mailing address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem, Pa 18018 ​​(for Kiora)​​​

12-29-15 Dory - dog that needs heart surgery

Dory is a darling young merle-merle Aussie x Border Collie mix who is deaf. This poor little thing was dumped at a shelter with a severely broken leg and even more concerning, a heart defect known as Patent Ductus Arteriosus or PDA. Typically dogs with this condition don't live past a few months without surgery. But, somehow, this little miracle of a dog has survived to see her first birthday. Unfortunately, the vet is saying that she will not live to see her second birthday without surgery. This little girl has been through so much, yet despite it all, she loves people and wants nothing more than to snuggle down by your side. Please help Dory get the heart surgery she so desperately needs so she has a chance to find a forever home and live the wonderful life she so very much deserves.

group is a 501c3​
Fundraisier page: https://www.youcaring.com/dory-the-deaf-aussie-493898#.VoGRhPMOuno.facebook
Herding Haven 1966 E. Downington Ave. Salt Lake City, UT 84108​
TDC Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (For Dory)
Mailing address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem, Pa 18018 ​​(for Dory)​​​
12-29-15 Jasper - kitty with bladder blockage

We are New Hope Cat Rescue and Sanctuary and are a 501(c)3 nonprofit. We are a very small rescue group and we desperately need your help! Jasper has suffered off and on over the past several years with crystals and other urinary issues. He has been hopsitalized in the past for the crystals and last month had to be catheterized for several days due to crystals. Jasper has been on Hills Science Diet Urinary Stress Formula to help prevent crystals. After his catheterization last month he did well for approximately one week and then he started having problems urianating again. I took him back to the vet and he was prescribed Acepromazine which is a tranquilizer. It was our hope that the Acepromazine would calm him and relax his urinary tract. Well a couple of days ago he started having problems urinating and barely a drop or two of urine is coming out at a time. Our only other option is surgery. The surgery he requires is called Perineal Urethrostomy. If he does not receive the surgery and he stops urinating all together his bladder will burst and he will die. This is an emergency and we need to schedule his surgery as soon as possible! Jasper has suffered off and on over the last several years with crystals and being unable to urinate and we need to get this surgery done for him. He is such a sweet boy and he deserves to live pain free once and for all. Jasper needs to see a specialist to have the surgery performed, because this is a very delicate surgery. The quote for his surgery is $1,200.00 - $1,600.00 depending on the difficulty. Please help us raise the money for Jasper's surgery before it is too late for him! Let's help Jasper bring in the new year with a new lease on life and free of pain!  501(c)3 nonprofit.

Fundraiser page: https://www.gofundme.com/39gqcam4​
New Hope Cat Rescue and Sanctuary P.O. Box 472 Kennedale, Texas, 76060​
TDC Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (For Jasper)
Mailing address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem, Pa 18018 ​​(for Jasper)​​​