2-4-15  Shelter in danger of closing due to lack of funds

We need donations urgently, we are in danger of closing next month. Our vet bills have killed us, and more shelter expenses and we are very close to having to shut down. If anyone can go to paypal and make donations anything will help. We are also in need of litter, purina kitten chow and purina cat chow complete. Please help if you can.

PayPal:  tbcatalliance@gmail.com
Mailing Address: Tampa Bay Cat Alliance 8054 Washington St Port Richey, FL 34668  (727) 203-3813

2-8-15 Jack - needs emergency surgery to unblock bladder

Picked up from animal care and rushed to vet today. Dr Sessa tried to unblock him under ketamine in room but can't so emergency p u surgery needed so he can urinate or must be pts as his bladder will burst and he will die any minute. Please will you all share and donate what you can. Quote is $1500 at the least he said. I can't pay for this on my own and I need everyone's help. He has been sitting in animal care In excruciating pain cause no one checked on him. Very loving guy, just hurting. Please help save him!!! I cannot put him to sleep. He deserves a life. catcrusade.org via PayPal or 954-920-3556 dr Sessa under Suzanne Williams cat is Jack.

PayPal: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/jack-s-needs-lifesaving-p-u-surgery-/302509
Mailing address: The Dollar Club (for Jack) P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem Pa 18018
or PayPal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (For Jack)

2-8-15 Cupid - leg torn off and other leg broken (unknown cause)

This adorable young kitty is an unneutered male who was found laying outside in someones yard crying and not moving -- he either got attacked, abused or hit by a car. His back left leg is completely ripped off. His back right leg is broken as well and the knee is out of its socket. The vets feel he may need that back leg amputated. His tail is hanging off mid way down - needs tail amputation as well. LIFE, if he survives, is OVER As he knows it. He is VERY SWEET & FRIENDLY.
It is heartbreaking for him to have to go through this. He will need exams, X-rays, pain meds, bloodwork, fluids, admit to hospital, fiv/felv test (negative) , vaccines, microchip, SURGERY to cut the bone and tie off ligaments to repair whats left of the socket, and remove part of the tail. We are praying he is not septic from such a traumatic injury and living outside for days like this. He is covered in mud and matted dirt.  He needs the very best, after what he's gone through. My heart is BROKEN. Cupid is a courageous survivor and deserves a chance at a life where his is LOVED.  We will have a better idea of what funds are needed on Monday, Feb 9th when the ortho specialist is in.

PayPal:  http://www.gofundme.com/lv1t2w?fb_action_ids=10205141653488144&fb_action_types=og.shares&fb_ref=fb_cr_n
Mailing address:  Randall's Rescue PO Box 1281 Mt.Laurel, NJ, 08054

2-18-15 Sebastian

Thank you to everyone who donated. The balance is paid and kitty can go in right now!!!
This is Sebastian. Several months ago, Sebastian became very lethargic. He got to where he could not eat or drink and started losing weight. Anytime he tried to eat he threw up. After going to the vet and having X-rays done, it was determined that Sebastian had eaten a Nerf Gun bullet and it was lodged inside. He had to have emergency surgery which left his mommy with an $1100 vet bill. I'm sad to say Sebastian has began showing the same symptoms again. He cannot eat or drink without throwing up and is completely lethargic. His $1100 vet bill has been paid down to $430, but he cannot be seen again until the $430 is paid. At that time, he can be seen for his current condition. Sebastian doesn't look good and may very well not make it if he isn't seen ASAP. Can we come together and help get his vet bill paid down so he can get back in there?? His life is on the line. He's set up at Animal Hospital in Clarksville Tn and every dollar will help!! Praying Sebastian can get seen before the weekend. PLEASE let me know if you can help so I know where we are at. You can PM me and I will give you the owners info! Thank you!!

PayPal:  thedollarclub@yahoo.com
Vet:  (931) 647-1696
2-24-15 Lucha - kitty with deadly parasite

On 1/29/2015, with a very high fever, Lucha, was hospitalized. She started to lose use of her hind legs, & because of the fever, was dehydrated. Up until that point, she was running around with her sister. After doing extensive blood work, sonograms, spinal tap and abdominal tap to test for FIP, everything came back normal. But she started to lose use of one of her front legs. So, very extensive and expensive blood tests were done to test for fungal infections and blood parasites. These tests took 8 days to get back from the lab, and one test came back positive, for Neospora which is a protozoa parasite rarely found in cats, mostly in cattle, horses and dogs. The treatment is several weeks on clindamycin, which began immediately upon diagnosis, but we were told that these parasites have microscopic cysts that lodge themselves in the nervous system and based on her symptoms the team of doctors agreed that hers affected her brain stem. There is no guarantee that any of the damage done prior to treatment will return but based on her wonderful appetite and bright eyes and that she would move her legs if touched the chances were pretty good. Looking at Lucha, it is like she is caught in her own body. She can move her legs but her brain signal is not getting thru to tell her to do it. That all goes thru the brain stem. She reacts when you walk in the room she is fed every three hours and eats like a champ, she does sleepy eyes and one of her paws does “happy feet”. She is true to her name Lucha means fighter in Spanish. Lucha gets 24 hours care at LIVS which is absolutely necessary at this point. A neurologist from Cornell & evaluated her and he feels that because the parasite affected the nutrition her body was getting,she has to be built up and get some of her muscle mass back and then her nervous system could repair itself. Although LIVS has given us a wonderful discount and is giving us care over and above what we have paid and are being charged we cannot afford to keep Lucha there any longer. WE have paid thousands and are are borrowing quite a few thousand to pay for what we owe up to date, and we need to keep her there a few more weeks. She needs the 24 hour care as they turn her body every hour and she gets IV meds and physical therapy several times a day.

Donation via Vet office: call Long Island Veterinary Specialists during the week from 8:30-4:30 and give a credit card - you must say it is for Lucha - Home Sweet Home Account. That number is 1-516-501-1700

Mailing address: The Dollar Club (For Lucha) P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem, Pa 18018

Paypal:  http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/kitten-has-curable-infectious-parasite-disease-please-help/300028
2-24-15 Winston - dog with badly broken elbow

Winston is only 12 weeks old and loves to run! He jumped out of my arms very close to the ground but his TINY elbow was blown out. So bad that they are going to take his leg if we can't find a way to save it with surgery. The 2 different vets we have seen are quoting $2500-$4000! Please help us.

PayPal: http://www.gofundme.com/msxiio
Mailing address: The Dollar Club (For Winston) P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem, Pa 18018
Call in payment to Vet: 864-233-4347
2-25-15 Freya - kitty born with severe birth defects

Freya was born with a very very rare birth defect called a rectovaginal fistula which means she has an abnormal connection from her rectum going to her vagina. Freya has NO WAY to pass stool other than from her “lady area.”
Freya also has no tail, deformities in her vertebrae and bowed back legs. When she runs it looks something like a frog/bunny and when she walks she looks more like a polar bear. After several months, she was finally able to have successful surgery to correct the birth defect. Now, she has developed a serious head tilt with horners syndrome which may be another unforeseen birth defect. MRI and exploratory surgery are needed now.

PayPal: http://www.kittenassociates.org/
Mailing address: Kitten Associates P.O. Box 354 Newtown, CT 06470-0354