2-6-17 Link - dog with knee problem

This is for my dog, who I rescued, named Link. According to the shelter, he was thrown out of a truck. A kind soul witnessed the event and brought him to the aspca. I made him a part of my family to share my adventure with him. ( I love hiking ) Unfortunately, I found out he was born with severe knee problems. Last week, he fell on our steps and dislocated his knee. After a visit with the vet, I learned they were unable to pop it back in place and urged that he undergo a knee replacement surgery. I'm reaching out to help him get this procedure done so he doesn't live his life in pain. I can no longer bring him on hiking trips in fear that his knees will give out. His only hope in rejoining me in my adventures and living the great life he deserves is to have this corrective surgery done. I hate asking for help and I will spare you my financial situation. It would mean the world to me if you could either donate or share this post. He is a compassionate loving companion and I want to give him the best life possible . He's only a puppy and still has a whole life of adventure ahead. Please help me in raising funds to have the surgery done; he is my world.​​

Vet:  Hanoverview:  610-281-8080
Paypal:  thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Link)
Mailing address:  The Dollar Club P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34471-0906 (For Link)​​​​
2-6-17 Helen - sick kitty needing vet

Poor kitty was found very sick in a neighbors backyard.  Severe URI but the rescuer had no funds to help with vet visit and medicine.  The Dollar Club jumped in to help and kitty (temporarily named Helen) was treated by the vet and doing better.
Brick City Cat Hospital: (352)732-7877​
Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Helen)
Mailing address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34471-0906 (For Helen)​​​​
2-12-17 Starving cat colony

From post on Kolony Kats page:  Any of our friends live near Chesnee South Carolina, that drive? There is a woman who does not have food for her outdoor kitties, and they haven't eaten in days. We ordered her some food via Amazon, but it won't arrive until Monday.​

**UPDATE ON WOMAN FROM SOUTH CAROLINA, who hasn't eaten in days, and neither has her outdoor kitties, Together we worked a SOCIAL MEDIA MIRACLE!!! We posted a plea for help for this woman and her kitties, and together you all shared and offered help, and god has answered our prayers! Through many of your shares Angela Cash reached out to us, and will be delivering some food for Tammy and her kitties tonight! Tammy is disabled and lives alone, off of a Social Security check, barely getting by each month. She feeds many outdoor/homeless kitties. Her and her kitties have not eaten in days. But together we can help make this not happen again! If you would like to help, you can donate via PayPal ( kolonykats@yahoo.com) , make a wish list or send gift cards! THANK YOU ALL!​​

Candy is a neighbor who will be our liason to help Tammy and the cats she cares for. The property manager is being aggressive. Difficult. The ACO who has been called out is a notorious ass. I'll be calling his boss Monday to let them know that we plan to TNR the ferals. Some of the kitties are friendly. We need help networking them for adoption. Someone in that 'hood is shooting them. There is a friendly tabby with BBs in her who needs an immediate med eval. I can wrangle her tomorrow but I can't fund her vetting.​​

Kolony Kats is not yet a 501c3 but I can PERSONALLY vouch for them and they are not scammers and any donation will be used for the intended purpose.

Kolony Kats PayPal:  kolonykats@yahoo.com
The Dollar Club Paypal:  thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for starving colony)
Mailing Address:  TDC P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34477-0906 (for starving colony)​​​​

2-17-17  Kitty & Silverbell - need shots updated so they can go to a DV Shelter

I am accepted to go to the women's shelter (Domestic Violence) here in Las Vegas. They have an onsite animal shelter, limit of 2 cats. Problem is I have 2 adults and 2 kittens. 2 cats can go with me, 2 others will have to be boarded at the Vet. Unemployment ran out a month ago and I've been sick with bronchitis a week. 2 cats are behind on their vaccines, vet will not board them without it. I would like to take these 2 cats for their current shots so everyone is ready when I am well enough to move. And one of the cats has been throwing up food this week, so he needs to be checked out anyway.​​.....This is Silverbell, 6 months old. I rescued him off the street August 2016. He needs his last set of kitten shots and 2017 rabies certificate to be accepted for boarding. I am escaping a dv situation, need to get him ready and into a safe place......GGOD NEWS! I called shelter again, told them I've been calling since November. I was told space is avail, I can go there with all 4 cats !!!

Vet: Mt Vista Animal Hospital (702) 458-8808 
The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for DV cats)
Mailing Address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34477-0906 (for DV cats)​​​​​
2-21-17 Duke & Blue Sick kitties

War veteran's best companions need our help. This man is my friend. He served 12 years in the Marines. He recently lost his service dog Jazz to cancer. All he has left are Duke and Blue,his two cats that are his life. I noticed that both Duke and Blue did not look good. Duke wasn't eating. Blue was,very congested. I offered to take them to the vet since I knew he could not afford it and would never ask for money. $700 later,we found out Duke has severe stomatitis requiring medications, and has mouth issues that require having all his teeth pulled. His prognosis is good once all this is done but his medical bill will be $3200. Poor Blue has a severe Upper Respiratory Infection and needs medication to clear this up. His bills are in excess of $1700 with blood work x-rays and medication. I want to help but I am not rich and just trying to be a friend of a man who served our country helping all of us. I figure now it is time for us to help him. He won't ask for help but his heart is breaking knowing his two best friends need medical help in order to survive.​​  Watch your Paws rescue is a 501c3 and is accepting donations on behalf of Duke & Blue.

Watch Your Paws Rescue (a 501c3):  watchyourpawsrescue@yahoo.com​​ (for Duke & Blue)
Fundaiser page:  https://www.gofundme.com/veteran-kitties-need-urgent-help​
The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Duke & Blue)
Mailing Address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34477-0906 (for Duke & Blue)​​​​​​


2-21-17 Big Daddy - Need eye surgery

Big Daddy (AKA Possum) Needs Eye Surgery ASAP!  This feral kitty has had a hard life. He was dumped on my doorstep (along with his son). His left eye needs medical attention. It is oozing. I am not sure if the eye is still intact or not. I do know that he needs this eye looked at as soon as possible. Please donate if you can and please share his story. I am trying to save his sight! Any amount would be appreciated! You can donate directly via my PayPal link https://paypal.me/rosebeam
Update: I took him to the vet today ($326.00 bill attached). He needs eye surgery ($491.00 additional bill attached). His little feet are also blistered badly. This vet will NOT accept donations over the phone: he has had issues in the past from credit card fraud. People ask why I use this vet who won't take donations: it is simple: he is the only vet in this area that was willing to care for a feral kitty. ​​

The Dollar Club sent a $100 gift card that can be used at the vet office.
Fundraiser page:  https://www.youcaring.com/bigdaddyakapossum-758806 ​  (not a 501c3)
2-22-17  Ringer

The Dollar Club sent a small amount towards saving this special kitty.​

She has been rescued!!!​
2-22-17 Severely injured cat in Egypt

​​​Please send prayers and positive energy, If cat was without hope, vet would euthanise ... but Vet decided cat has good chances to survive so please, positive comments only for the sake of the cat Thank you.

One horrible case was found last weekend. A very poor severe injured cat was lying beneath a car, paralized, unable to move. He was saved by NouDy, who took him to the vet. He has an awful wound on his back, gangrene and dead skin. A lot of skin had to be removed and he needs surgery asap.As well the cat suffers urolithiasis in a late stage and needs urothrostomy operation and costs about 2500 EGP (150$)
The cause of his paresis is benting in his back bone and treatment may cause a vital effect. Please help getting his surgery and give him a chance for a new life. Please donate and share!​​

This kitty is in Egypt so therefore, not a 501c3​​

Fundraiser:  https://www.youcaring.com/streetcatsavedbynoudy-762392​​
The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (Egypy cat)
Mailing Address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34477-0906 (Egypt cat)​​​​​​

2-15-17 Brawny - Cat hit by car

Brawny is the cat hit by a car last night. I took him to emergency and they did not feel anything was broken. He had a laceration on his face above his nose so they gave him a antibiotic injection. They felt he was a feral cat because he ran out of the carrier and was stressed in the cage.  This morning he was still bleeding quite a bit from this wound and was breathing very heavy. Dr Buck met me at the office this morning to look him over. She sedated him and found he had breaks in his frontal sinuses, a cheek fracture, a broken nose, a split lip, and a broken tooth. She cleaned the laceration and removed the broken bone fragments, pulled his tooth, and suctured him up.  He is now resting and when he fully recovers we will be able to determine if he is feral. If he is feral he will go to a heated barn ;).  We have the emergency bill from last night plus his veterinary care from today. Donations are needed to help this boy. I am so happy I happened to be driving by him last night...I hate to think he could have been left out there to suffer :(
Thank you again to EVERYONE that helped!!  (Kellers Kats is a 501c3)​​


​Kellers Kats Paypal: http://kellerskatsrescue.org/donations-2/
​The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Brawny)
Mailing Address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34477-0906 (For Brawny)​​​​​​
2-27-17  Oliver - stray cat hit by car

I'm not sure who to contact exactly but my aunt and mother found a cat that was hit by a car. It tried to walk under my mom's house, my aunt got it out but it is in a lot of pain and bit my aunts arm. It looks like the driver hit both of the cats back legs. The issue is my mom and an aunt are both on disability and don't have any money to take this baby to the vet. They are trying to borrow money but haven't had any luck. My mom brought the cat inside for now. Here is a picture of the cat ...she couldn't get a good picture of where he was hit but it is both back legs!! Can someone help or know where this baby can be taken ?   ****** cat is at Loma Linda Hospital now!!

Loma Linda Vet Hospital:  909-825-3144 (Oliver Harvey)
The Dollar Club Paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Oliver)
Mailing Address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34477-0906 (For Oliver)​​​​​​​