June 2, 2017   Poor Guy's Cat Rescue is in dire need of canned cat food.  We sent $200 worth to arrive by June 6th

I run a cat rescue (Poor Guy's Cat Rescue) by my own lonesome self. We (and by we, I mean me) have 90 kitties.
A majority of the kitties came from a nearby barn where the land owner would throw out kitties. It was an old barn that no one used. The land across the road was owned by a different person, and they put a trailer up for rent. It wasn't long before some really nasty people moved in and we began finding cats dead or missing. On one occasion we found a kitten that had been stomped. Each agency I contacted referred me to someone else.I took what little I had, bought an acre of land behind my home and built a shelter for the kitties there. It began with 39, many who were already pregnant. I saved kitties from the local kill shelter that I had spent time socializing when I found out they were going to put them down. I've picked up strays, saved kitties from gas stations, many different places.  I need funds for food, medicine, building improvements. Out of my income of $13,000 a year, over $7000 is spent on just food. I've tried local stores for food donations, Walmarts, etc., but am lucky to get 4 or 5 bent cans.

Poor Guy's Cat Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit
Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/poorguyscatrescue/​​​​​​​
Wishlists for supplies:
​Ways to donate funds:
Paypal - trickyspark@bellsouth.net
GoFundme - www.gofundme.com/catfoodsundae
6-4-17 Kitty with crushed leg

We need help again discovered a stray colony who a lady has been feeding but these babies are in rough shape!! broken legs, ruptured eyes, ringworm!! No one is vetted!!! Anyone willing to help these babies be vetted spayed and neutered may send a donation straight to the Clinic

Clinic: ​​kbmhwm@gmail.com Attention: (PPR Community Outreach)​​
The Dollar Club paypal:  thedollarclub@yahoo.com (Charley)
TDG Mailing address:  P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 3477-0906 (for Charley)​ ​
6-7-17 Napolean pet rat with pneumonia

I have a sick rat and I don't have any money. I think my Napoleon has pneumonia and something called myco. I have zero credit so care credit would not be an option for me. I'm so scared I'm going to lose my boy over something that can easily be treated. Is this something you can help me with?  Thank you for listening. (not 501c3)

Liverpool Village Animal Hospital 315-451-5455
The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (Napolean)
TDG Mailing address: P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 3477-0906 (for Napolean)​ ​​

6-8-17 Mom cat w/4 kittens all very sick

Rescued mom cat with 4 kittens are all very ill.  One kitten had already died because an emergency vet refused to see them without payment and then refused donations over the phone.​​  They now have an appointment today with another vet clinic  

They are so congested and crusty that I cannot keep them clean for the life of me. I washed them up late last night but this is what they look like this morning, poor things. The one on the back right has an obvious fever because he has been shivering since last night. The room they are in is very warm and I lay with them and sit with them a lot. The mom has refused to be near any of them since yesterday and feels very warm now herself (she was sick but recovered, but now appears to not be feeling well again) and she will not let them nurse. The two black and white ones will not eat anything on their own. Thank you to any who can donate to get them all fixed up. The one with the swollen eye will probably have to have surgery at a later time I'm thinking. Additionally, my own kitty Bell has developed an ear infection this week, and if possible I would like to bring her too so she can get antibiotics. This has been a rough week.

Vet Timber Trails: 618-319-4271 ​
The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (cat w/4 kittens)
TDG Mailing address: P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 3477-0906 (for cat with 4 kittens)​ ​​
6-9-17 Friends of Ferals - out of cat food

W​we're really struggling right now. The cats need to eat and I can't use the money I have saved for Owen's surgery next week. I HAVE to pay the vet before anything else so Owen is my priority when it comes to what money I do have. I have been forced to use some of it today to buy them canned food because we were down to just pates and not all the cats like pates. I save those for Owen and Lois because of their mouth issues but the rest of them don't really care for pates. Dry food, we have 1/4 of a bag left of Cat Chow Complete and that will probably last us till Monday.
Can anybody help us out with our wish list? Until I get back to work, this is a scary situation for me. I'm not used to depending on others to feed my cats and it bothers me to ask but ultimately, they are not to blame, they don't know what's going on and no matter what, they deserve to have their meals every day.
If you prefer to donate to PayPal, you can send it to luvschocolates@gmail.com (not 501c3)
Amazon Wish list: https://www.amazon.com/…/1OJ9H8O60…/ref=nav_wishlist_lists_1
The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (friends of ferals)
TDG Mailing address: P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 3477-0906 (for friends of ferals)​ ​​
6-11-17  5 kittens on the kill list with severe URI's

I came upon ​a post begging for help to rescue 5 kittens at the Rowan County
​Shelter than were about to be euthanized because of URI's.  
​The Dollar Club Stepped in to help get them saved.

Paypal of group rescuing them:  rescue4theunwanted@yahoo.com​​
The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (5 kittens)
TDG Mailing address: P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 3477-0906 (5 kittens)​ ​​

6-12-17  Flora - mama cat with broken Jaw (Egypt)

Mama cat with broken jaw and her 2 kittens are sick with URI's.  Found stray on the streets of Egypt.  We have raised enough money for mama to get surgery, but boarding and 1 month of special treatment is not included and must be paid or cat will be put on the street.  More donations are also needed to treat kittens.

Update 6/12/2017
Thx to all who donated for this mum now we covered the cost of surgery , but still needs the boarding cost after surgery .  Dr said after surgery she will need one month to can move and use her jaw as normal.======================================This Mau mum needs help plz " broken jaw " Needs surgery plz donate and share
Surgery cost 4000 le = 250$  X_ray 20$ Medical Boarding mua mom 85$ monthly
Normal boarding for kittens 125$ monthly
Egypt Contact Paypal : Monica_baverstock@hotmail.co.uk​​
The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (Egypt)
TDG Mailing address: P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 3477-0906 (Egypt)​ ​​
6-13-17 Rescue kitten needs emergency vet visit

Wow I'm just about at my limit of what I can take at one time!!!!! I'm at work and just got a call that the little baby that I rescued last week from the side of the road is really sick so my friend is on the way to the vet with her right now have no idea what is going on but I need to raise some emergency funds like right now!! Please help me save this baby!!!!!!!

Ok just got a call from Dr. Need to run test to see what's wrong looking at 400 to 500 to see what it is please donate to save this baby she is so sweet I don't want to just put her down so please help!!!!! (Debbie Orbison)

Vet:  704-786-6102​​

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (kitten)
TDG Mailing address: P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 3477-0906 (Kitten)​ ​​
​​​​ ​
6-14-17 Cat Needs emergency vet visit

Got a request for help with a cat with a terrible hole in his head/eye from cancer.  She had no money to go to the vet so I called some in.  The poor cat had advanced cancer and liver failure and had to be humanely euthanized.​  His photo will be entered on our memorial page.

Vet: 305-670-4401
The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (redcat)
TDG Mailing address: P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 3477-0906 (redcat)​ ​​​​


6-26-17 Pelua - kitten with a bad broken leg

​​A woman was at TNR even picking up cats and a young lady was there who did not know what else to do.  She already spent a couple hundred dollars and was told to have pins put in the leg. They were going to charge her $3,000 to do that. Unfortunately she does not have those kind of funds and brought this kitten to Miami-Dade Animal Services They told her most likely the kitten would be euthanized because they do not specialize in that kind of Veterinary surgery. Also, she needed a rescue.  So Joicelyn Baer stepped up to help.  The young lady who found her has done all she could and is a caretaker for an elderly woman. It was very difficult for her. I took the kitten needless to say and now I need help. The kitten will be going to the office of Dr. Diaz and x-rays will not be needed being as the young lady had X-rays done already.   It is an override fracture and she needs a plate, ASAP. 

Vet: Diaz Animal Hospital 4172 West 12th Avenue Hialeah Florida 33012 305-824-0500

The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Pelua)
TDG Mailing address: P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 3477-0906 (for Pelua)​ ​​​​

6-29-17 Dewey VERY sick kitten

💕 Dewey has been through hell and back, despite weeks of treatment he can't seem to beat this.  Dewey didn't want to eat as much this morning and is still producing thick, dark stool despite several rounds of dewormer, coccidia treatment, treating for bacteria, probiotics and anti diarrhea medication. He becomes anemic very quickly and is starting to lose weight.  Please consider making a small donation towards Dewey's veterinary care, we DESPERATELY need funds to cover his coming vet appointment. He will need surgery to remove his badly infected eye as he cannot seem to beat this infection despite strong antibiotics and supportive care. UPDATE:  It has been the longest 36 hours trying to keep Dewey alive, this little miracle is still holding on! 💕Dewey crashed majorly late last night becoming lethargic, I truly did not believe he would survive the night. With hourly care and tube feeding I managed to not only keep him alive, but he is now able to walk around.  He saw my vet again today for further testing, and as I assumed he needs a blood transfusion. His PVC unbelievabely low at 5.3, his red blood cell count at 0.99. My vet could not even believe he was still alive! Dewey will be having a blood transfusion and a feeding tube placed to attempt to save his life. We DESPERATELY need the funds to cover Dewey's veterinary bills. He is continuing to fight so I am continuing to fight for him until he is no longer able to. The cause of Dewey's severe anemia is believed to be a red blood cell parasite. We could not spare anymore of Dewey's blood to send out for a blood smear so we are just going through with treatment.
(Not  501c3)

Trinity Pet Hospital +1 (727) 376-0149
The Dollar Club paypal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Dewey)
TDG Mailing address: P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 3477-0906 (for Dewey)​ ​​​​