Sophie came to the Lehigh Valley Pitbull Awareness Club only a few months ago. They're not a rescue, but responded to numerous pleas to save this little girl. Initially, they were told she was a healthy 6 year old dog with some fear aggression. In reality, vets feel as though she's 3 years old, fighting off heart worm, and suffering from a large blow to the head. A portion of her skull appears to have been pushed in, causing her eye to bulge, one nostril to dry up, and possible mental consequences. LVPAC is looking to get Sophie a neurological consult, and if needed, provide the proper care and surgery to alleviate the pain and pressure Sophie is feeling.

She has come so far with the help of amazing fosters and a wonderful support team. From fearful to loving, LVPAC is looking to find a forever home for this wonderful girl, and provide the proper care that ensures her life in that home to be long and healthy.

Donations can be sent directly to our paypal:  Lvpitbullclub@gmail.com
Mailing Address: 2348 Eden Ln Bethlehem Pa 18018

Amazing Grace,  was #91 at the Clayton Yoder puppy mill auction.  The comments for her were' always has pups with nice hair coats and takes good care of them'. They held her up, showed her belly, saying she was good for several more litters, and has already had 9 litters, usually 2 pups each.  Her tail is thin, her nails are outrageously long.  I went to get her out of her horribly filthy kennel, a young amish girl was there to get her for me. She took her out, and almost threw her at me when I wasn't even looking directly at her. I felt the fuzz of her hair on my arm, turned my head, and there she was, legs flailing, eyes big, body quivering. I snatched her up, gave the young girl a quick ' shame on you' glance, and I smooched Grace on her head, told her it would be ok, and I walked away. She shook the entire time. I put her in a clean carrier, with a clean soft blanket, and also a new fuzzy pink stuffed animal. She didn't move for the almost 3 hour ride home. She wouldn't face me, she didn't make a sound. She just shook, and kept her back to me. When I got her home, I put her in a larger wire crate for the night. She didn't eat, and still not a peep out of her. The next morning, I took her out of her still clean kennel, she had not pottied at all. I am sure its because she hadn't eaten all day thru auction, and she didn't touch the food I left for her. I put her in my back yard, on grass. It was so sad. She kept on her quivering, and not looking at me.  She looked at the grass like ' what is this???' and had a bewildered look on her face. She didn't move. She didn't walk.  I felt her leg, it was deformed. I noticed it was a ' dead leg' with no feeling or movement at all.  I tried to look at her leg closer, and felt horribly while doing it. She was so scared, and I didn't want to be too much in her face. I picked her up, and moved her to another spot on the grass. She took a few steps, and her leg just dangled. She tried to use it and fell down on her chin. That's when I knew she had shoulder feeling, but none past the elbow. Due to her having shoulder motion, she tries to use that leg. It is twisting her spine, and giving her horrible posture. This leg needs to be amputated to help straighten her out. With the removal of the leg, she will be able to run and play. On top of needing the amputation, she needs full vaccinations, heartworm tested, and also spayed. I have an apprx estimate of $400 to get everything done. She also needs some moderate dental work, mainly a good teeth cleaning and scraping. Jewell Animal Hospital will be her primary vet caregiver. She will be in my care until she is fully healed and ready for her new home. She has started to wag her thin tail when she sees me, and even has 'kissed' my hand a few times. Eye contact is still rare, and she is still terrified to be picked up or touched anywhere past her shoulders. The very sad part, is when I do pick her up to go outside, when my hands touch her, her front end goes down, and her back end goes up, just like a breeding position. I reassure her that's not necessary, as she will never be in that position again.

Mailing Address:  Jewell Animal Hospital, 548 Main St, Jewell, IA 50130
PayPal address:  Immydog@msn.com   (Mention that it is for Amazing Grace puppy mill dog)
5/6/13 Smokey bunny with heart problem
Smokey the rabbit came back from foster with buggy eyes and odd breathing. His chest is filled with fluid. The vet suspects some sort of heart issue. We're going to get a blood panel done, and he's going to come home with injectible lasix over the weekend until we can get an ultrasound done next week.

Here's a pic of Smokey. Our paypal email is Azeem0510@yahoo.com, and our mailing address is 2498 Benjamin Franklin Hwy, Edinburg, PA 16116!
5/6/13 Horses badly neglected

Equine Angels received 2 draft horses, 1 horse and 12 ponies late yesterday afternoon. There are 5 more arriving tomorrow afternoon for a total of 20. All are in bad shape and will be needing extensive veterinary care and farrier services, in addition to feed and hay.

PayPal:   www.equineangelsrescue.com 
Mailing address: Equine Angels Rescue, Inc.  135 Durango Ln., Cabot, PA 16023

**You may also make a donation in our name to our feed store or veterinarian:
-> Mars Agway, PO Box 450, Mars, PA 16046
-> Fox Run Equine Center, 798 Fox Run Rd., Apollo, PA 15613

5/6/13 Bindy abused kitty

Bindy is a new URGENT rescue. Bindy is an abuse case. She was a pregnant cat, but she was beaten because by her owner saying she was "a bad kitty for getting pregnant." She had to have an emergency spay to save her life because she was hemmoraging. None of the kittens survived. If you also notice, one of her eyes is missing.

This cat needed our help, and although we are hurting financially we couldn't turn her away.
Right now she is being hospitalized because she's very ill, she isn't eating and she has an infection. She's on an antibiotic drip and IV fluids at the hospital.

Our paypal link can be found on our website at: www.micatrescue.org

Mailing address to help sponsor Bindy is:
Michigan Cat Rescue c/o Bindy PO Box 806371 St. Clair Shores, MI 48080

5/10/13 Beagle - hit by car

THE BEAGLE NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! If we want to save him, we are looking at around $5,000-$6,000! He has multiple fractures and will need plates. He will need to go to Colonial Vet Hospital in Ithaca! We can NOT save him without the funding! This would wipe us out clean!! We have raised $100 so far, PLEASE SHARE THIS as we HAVE to help him! He is resting and on pain meds but we need to make a decision ASAP!!!!!!!! We want nothing more than to help him but we NEED to be able to fund it!!

Donations can be made via PayPal at www.tannerspaws.org.
Mailing address: Mailing address is PO Box 1125 Corning NY 14830
5/10/13 Zoe Heartworm and blood clots

Poor Zoe...At the emergency vet tonight. Complications from Heartworm Treatment..Very high fever...Serious concerns for her tonight...Looking at $683.00 without medication. she has developed clots and is being treated for that. Please we need some help. Any donation towards Zoe's treatment would be so appreciated.

Paypal (note that it is for Zoe): poorpawsrescue@gmail.com
Mailing Address: Cara Szeles 5 Thrush Mews North Brunswick, NJ 08902
5-14-13 Froggy - kitten caught in trap

Two women knocked on my door a couple of hours ago with this little guy in a trap. They caught him under a trailer yesterday and noticed he had some pretty bad injuries so they took him to the HSUS but were told he would be put down immediately so here they were. Cage in hand. This is a little boy who apparently has a ruptured eye as well as a missing piece of his back left leg.  One of my foster moms is on her way to the vet with him as we speak. They are more than likely going to tell us the eye needs to be removed and the leg needs to be amputated. This means a big vet bill. If you can, please donate via our "Donate" page on our website or shop in our online store at WWW.FROGGYSCATRESCUE.COM. 100% of your donations will go directly back to his medical care. If you are uncomfortable donating through our site, you can call the clinic directly at (904) 354-0547 and just tell them the donation is for the little black and white kitten with the injured eye and missing back foot under Froggy's Cat Rescue. If you can't donate, please share with everyone you know. Thank you

PayPal Address: froggyscatrescue@comcast.net
Mailing Address:  Froggy c/o The Dollar Club P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem Pa 18018

5-16-13 Curious George - porcupine quills

Curious George aka Geo is being treated at Bemidji Veterinary Hospital. He had porcupine quills embedded in his face (snout, mouth, and eyes), on his chest & stomach, along his sides, and in his front legs. One eye was pinned shut by the quills.

Geo has had the quills removed and was treated for extreme tick exposure. We are hopeful that his eyes can be saved. Right now he is able to see out of one eye (the one pinned closed) but is not the other as yet. We are trying to save both eyes, but with the infection he may lose one or both.

The quills embedded had been there for a few days according to the Minnesota Federated investigator and the Veterinarian. The wounds are therefore infected. To make matters worse, Geo also tested positive for Lyme & Ehrlichiosis. He is now getting multiple types of antibiotics for these infections.  He has his own page for updates;  https://www.facebook.com/GeoOfTheQuills

PayPal:  george.quills@yahoo.com
Mailing Address:  Curious George c/o The Dollar Club P.O. Box 4253 Bethlehem Pa 18018

5-18-13 Hoarder Dogs

On 5/15, STAR stepped up to help an elderly hoarder. We took in 40 adults and pups and are expecting anywhere from 10 to 20 more. Some ran off while we were loading up dogs, so we have no idea how many more could be hiding under the house or in the woods. We are going to need THOUSANDS in donations to vet these dogs. We already have a vet/credit card bill at $5,500 PRIOR to intaking these hoarder dogs. Sponsors please help!

PayPal: STAR_donations@yahoo.com
Mailing Address: STAR, PO Box 454, Morehead, KY 40351
  Please include a note stating the donation is for hoarder dogs & vetting bills.

We are also in need of donated supplies: puppy chow, high quality dog food, flea/tick preventative (K9 Advantix II, Revolution, Frontline Plus), Allwormer, paper towels, etc. We are also seeking reputable rescue help for these dogs.
5-21-13 Nemo - bait dog
We were contacted by Animal Control after they had picked up a dog that someone saw being thrown out of an automobile. NEMO is an incredible 1 year old Pitbull that is emaciated and appears to have been used as a Bait Dog based on the amount of old and new bite marks that are all over his legs, neck and face. Our dear boy has a huge gash in his neck that is right below his ear. The gash does not go into his ear canal. We have discovered that his ear drum has burst from all the infected fluid draining into his ear canal and filling up a large pocket. We have already done three surgeries on this wonderful dog to remove the dead tissue and to get as much fluid out as possible. Cultures of the infected areas have been taken and we are waiting for the results to see if we need to change the antibiotic he is on. We are praying he does not have a MRSA infection but we will deal with whatever it is when the results come back. We have put a tie-over bandage (like we did with Gunnar) to cover the large open wound he has. This enables us to change the bandages several times a day and start pulling the skin in so we will eventually have enough viable tissue to close the open wound permanently. The other issues we are dealing with is his emaciated state. Nemo has been throwing up since we received him. We have done a scan to see if he ingested something that would be causing a blockage. Since he has no body fat, the scan is not as good as we would like. We do not see any objects or an area that appears to be blocked. He is being closely monitored in ICU. We have surgeons that will do exploratory surgery if he continues to decline because of the throwing up. We need for this boy to put some weight on, not lose any. Nemo is the sweetest dog that will curl up in your lap and shower you with kisses. He loves everyone.

Mailing address: NoahsArksRescue 4084 Spring Island Okatie, SC 29909
Electronic donations: http://www.noahs-arks.net/RESCUE/NEMO.html

5-21-13 Sally & Sandy Severe eye problems
Sandy & Sally are kittens with severe eye infections. They were both pulled by K9 Kastle last week from NYCACC. They will need treatment and eye removal surgery. Please wont you donate a little something toward their bill so this wonderful rescue can continue helping the kitties of NYCACC.

Paypal: K9Kastle501c3@gmail.com
Mailing address: K9Kastle c/o Emily Beck 453 76th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209.