11-3-16  Cody - puppy with parvo

I have a crisis situation with a 10 month old poodle puppy. He belongs to the lady I live with and she's disabled on a fixed income. Today Cody was diagnosed with parvo and needs to spend the next 3-5 days at the vet clinic, which is costing her an enormous amount of money. Is there any way you can help with some of the cost?  They quoted us about $400-$500 for the entire bill, which takes about 1/2 of Miss Pat's social security check, which is used for household bills, the rent, groceries etc. I'm sure you know how that goes. Just wondering if there is any way you could help her out with this. 

Cairo Animal Hospital in Cairo, GA 229-377-1803 (for Cody)
The Dollar Club P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34477-0906​ (for Cody)
PayPal:  TheDollarClub@yahoo.com (for Cody)
11-7-16  Someone needing cat food

​​Good morning. I hate to ask a favor but was wondering if anyone in this group would be be able to donate a large bag of cat food. We will be fine once we get to Friday but until then, I need to be able to feed my cats and dogs. Just for this week the dogs can eat the cat food as well. I would get some from the Humane Society but do not have enough gas to get there. If anyone can help just this once, please message me. Thank you.

Ordered 3 bags for store pickup near this person​​
11-7-16 Ashley - cat peeing blood

Hi Friends. Is there anyone who could help with a donation to help pay for Ashley, my rear-paralyzed cat, to get treatment tomorrow morning at the vet? She is peeing blood this morning, her vet is not in today & the emergency vet is out of the question price wise. I hate asking, but I need help to save her. The vet is Santa Cruz Animal Clinic. Please call 813-685-7751 with donations for Ashley Herring. Thank you in advance for your help!​​  (Glenda Herring Non 501c3)

Vet:  813-685-7751​​
The Dollar Club P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34477-0906​ (for Ashley)
PayPal: TheDollarClub@yahoo.com (for Ashley)​
11-14-16 Daya - Cat that needs leg amputation

I got daya after she was found outside with her mom and brother. She came in with an eye infection, coccidia and missing the bottom of both of her back legs. Her mom was so emaciated and had such a bad Upper respitory infection that she couldn't nurse her babies.She was taken to the vet and treated for her eye infection and found to have Coccidia and an infection in her right back leg. She was sent home with medicine and taken back because after treatment for coccidia her stools hadn't hardened up. The vet ran another fecal and found she had giardia and another infection in her leg. Her leg had been looked at and the vets kept saying to let it callous so it was treated but otherwise not tampered with. When daya went in to get her shots she was found to have another infection and have endured scraping to the skin around her leg. The day of the appointment to another vet the skin finally gave way on her leg and the bone came through. Since there had been so much infection they did not want to stitch it up so instead she was given a makeshift cast and put on bed rest without a litter box as any litter would irritate what was left covering the bone. As she can retract the parts of her back legs that she has into her body, the makeshift splint would not stay on and was soon removed all together. 

Nov 10- Found a blood trail on the floor this morning leading to daya. Dayas bone has broken through her leg and she needs amputation. She has gotten xrays of that leg and the leg bone is to long for the leg to ever heal properly so amutation is the only way to fix a bone that is too long for the skin. ​​She has had a long road and it hasn't been easy for her to gain weight and that has put off doing the surgery. Once she is 3 pounds either one or both of her back legs will be removed. From there she will need either a wheelchair or prosthetics continuously until she is full grown.
This fundraiser is to provide care after the amputation and give her the tools to live a pain free life for the first time since before she was even found. Though she is cared for and loved It's not fair for her to have problems running after her brother or to be in pain and constantly getting infections. Please help her be set free from her pain and donate towards her wheels.  (NOT a 501c3)

Youcaring site: https://www.youcaring.com/daya-688496https://www.youcaring.com/daya-688496 
The Dollar Club P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34477-0906​ (for Daya)
PayPal: TheDollarClub@yahoo.com (for Daya)​
11-14-16  2 cats needing spay/neuter & Vetting

Met someone at a local restaurant that had a mother and son cat that were not fixed.  Mother was in heat​​ and we did not want a pregnancy to result.  The son also had a URI and needed antibiotics.  This person was not able to afford to get it done so The Dollar Club stepped in to help.  A local Spay/Neuter organization will do them for $50 a piece.

In return, she con​​tacted her boss for us and got permission for us to put a collection box in the restaurant!!
11-15-16  Polly - cat needing rescue, pregnant and needs eye removed

Polly needs Eye surgery and She's Pregnant!  Eye surgery is $600 Without the Adoption Fee and Funds to care for Polly, She will die!!!  She Only has til Monday!!!  She is in a very high kill shelter!!

The Dollar Club pledged $100​ to get her rescued and have her eye removed.  She is in surgery now.

Purfect Furbaby Rescue is the group who saved her.  They are 501c3.​​  I called in the donation to the vet:  Whiskers and Paws Veterinary wellness 704-213-1403
11-19-16 100+ cats dumped into a managed colony

Anna Iosa has been taking care of a large cat colony all on her own when suddenly someone came and dumped another 100 cats into her colony.  She does not have the food or the money to buy food to feed these new cats.  We sent 176 pounds of food to her to help.  We also raised another $240 to pay for 8 cats to be spayed/neutered
11-23-16 Tanner - cat with crushed pelvis

We cannot comprehend the agony Tanner was in after the car hit him. Neighbors witnessed him dragging his hind legs behind him, unable to walk. The pain would have been unbearable. He is about two years old and has never had a place to call home or his own human to care for him. There was nobody he could go to for help.  Due to the severity of his injuries, Tanner was unable to hunt for food, so he ate grass. When a volunteer went to trap Tanner, she found a forlorn, dying cat who was pooping out grass. Despite his crushed bones and the unfathomable pain, Tanner still longed to survive.  Tanner is now at Tri-City Bird and Animal Hospital and getting the care he desperately needs. Dr. Morhaus took radiographs today and determined that Tanner's pelvis is broken on both sides. He will need a surgical specialist to put plates in. Tanner was in a world of pain but is now on pain relief medication. He has nourishing food, and the vet is giving him medicine to normalize his digestive system again after all the grass he ate. You are the difference between life and death for cats like Tanner. As you read his story he is on pain medication but still suffering. With nowhere to call home and nobody to care for him, Tanner desperately needs your help to survive.  If we can raise the funds to get surgery for Tanner, he has an excellent chance of healing and going on to enjoy life as a loved, indoor cat. Please give him a second chance at life by contributing towards his surgery. It simply can't happen without you. Please pledge what you can for a cat who has nobody else. Pound Pals - they are 501c3​

Gofundme: https://www.youcaring.com/tannercatwithbrokenpelvis-694943​
The Dollar Club P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34477-0906​ (for Tanner)
PayPal: TheDollarClub@yahoo.com (for Tanner)
Pound Pals 4502 Tower Grove Place St. Louis, MO 63110 314.496.3194​​​ (Cat-Aid Fund on memo line)
11-30-16 Hope - cat with broken jaw and eye

This little baby was rescued on Sunday night during our spay/neuter clinic round up. She looks awful but don't worry...she is in the wonderful hands of Valerie Storz-Searfoss who is nursing her back to health. The road to her recovery will be long. She is missing one eye & had a broken jaw. She will require a lot of medical attention to get her where she needs to be.

Update:  PLEASE GIVE IF YOU CAN FOR HOPE.....FUNDS ARE NEEDED NOW MORE THAN EVER FOR HER SURGERY....Hope is doing great! she has gained over a pound in two weeks...has a great appetite...she can only eat wet food because of her jaw....HER INJURIES INDICATE IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN FROM SOMEONE WHO MAY HAVE KICKED HER...we will never know...just from what we heard about someone that lives in the trailer park where she was found that hates cats and tries to hurt them....SHE IS THE SWEETEST CAT...she just had her shots today at Plains animal hospital...but she needs surgery on her eye and teeth..and spayed also...DONATIONS ARE NEEDED NOW MORE THAN EVER FOR HER CARE...PLEASE CONSIDER HELPING THIS SWEET BABY...SHE DESERVES THE CHANCE FOR A GOOD LIFE.(Whiskers Worlds is a 501c3).

Fundraising Page (Mention Hope):  ​​https://www.gofundme.com/hztxdcxz
The Dollar Club P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34477-0906​ (for Hope)
PayPal: TheDollarClub@yahoo.com (for Hope)​