10-06-16  Sick Kitten

I saw a post last night from a woman who found a sick kitten and didn't have any money to take to the vet.  I called with a donation to have kitten seen.  He was hydrated, fed and given the ok.  Sadly he passed away overnight.
Someone please help me!! I just noticed a baby kitten in the grass. He didn't move all day. I had seen him earlier this morning but knew he was a recent litter of the Spanish Bodegia. So just now I go out and pick him up and he's lethargic. I call Barcs! Get this she says she's off now call animal control!!!!  I call them and their like three days possibly before they'll gone look at him​​. (Catharine Wildes)

Catonsville Emerg Vet Mellor Ave Catonsville MD:  410-788-7040
The Dollar Club PayPal:  thedollarclub@yahoo.com (sick kitten)
Mailing address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34477-0906​​​ (sick kitten)
10-05-16  Sick elderly dogs

Last week, we recieved information about several elderly dogs that were in bad shape in Clinton....When the ACO went, they were found to be very bad off... 2 could not even get up...
Malnourished and badly neglected, we had 4 rushed to my vet.... 2 were not in too bad of shape and were taken to the pound.After visiting with my Vet, we decided they were so bad off, we were going to help three of them pass... To ease thier pain... Heather and I wanted to be with them... to show them love and kindness as they took thier last breath... But we were not available at the same time, so we decided to go this morning..With heavy hearts and so much sadness, we met over there at 9AM to have them put down....When I saw them, the tears started... sadness for these old innocent souls that were failed by the humans they trusted to care for them... At one time, they were loved.. But that person passed away and nobody else cared for them..But.... As I stood there talking to them, I saw a light in thier eyes... I saw a tail wag... I saw LIFE...
So, after talking with Heather and my wonderful crew at Elk Creek Clinic, we decided to try and save them... there is already a difference... Maybe we won't be able to... but with everything we have, we will try..So.... we need help.... Like we have never needed it before... we will need financial help with the vetting of all four of these sweethearts... we will need fosters... maybe hospice... they may not have long.. these dogs are between 15 and 18 years old. But they deserve that chance... alone, they cried so hard... when they were put two in a kennel, they became so happy and were content. There are medical issues we are working on... I pray I have made the right decision... All I know is I have to try...I am very grateful for a cliinic and vet that works with me... that fights for thier lives with me... that loves and cares about each and every animal I bring through thier door...But we need finacial help with what all is going to be needed for these dogs..Thank you all for caring.... to me, they matter... I hope they do to at least most of my friends on here. (Terri Lynn Bloomer - not a 501c3)..

The Dollar Club PayPal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for elderly dogs)
Mailing address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34477-0906​​​​ (for elderly dogs)

10-09-16 Abandoned cat colony

A week ago I found an abandoned cat colony of around 130 cats.This colony is living behind a closed down Mexican restaurant in a very small strip of woods. This colony was abandoned by their caretaker without any food, water, shelter, or tnr. There are kittens up to seniors. A few of the cats are in need of emergency care. I went to the animal control shelter for help but they are a small killing facility with very little means to try and help catch these poor animals.
The animal control has torn down their shelters with exception of a few hidden ones. The owner of the property wants these animals disposed of. I was given permission to feed the animals by animal control but I am not allowed to put up shelters. I thought of putting pine straw in the living areas so they could make dens for warmth. I am the only one trying to take care of this massive colony. While we are looking for resources to try to get these animals rescues, we need help. We need funds for food, straw, vet funds to try to help the senior sick ones and help some of the kittens with eye infections.Even though this is a big responsibility, I am ready to be their caretaker, but I need your help in this task. Please help me fight this already broken feral colony. They don't need to suffer in this in humane way. Please give a little. No donation is to small​​  (an individual rescuer - not a 501c3)

Fundraising page:  ​https://www.youcaring.com/western-feral-cat-colony-669589?fb_action_ids=10155349506314616&fb_action_types=youcaringcom%3Ashare

The Dollar Club PayPal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for cat colony)
Mailing address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34477-0906​​​​ (for cat colony)

10-18-16  Luna - cat with huge injury and missing tail

This is not easy for me :( I'm usually doing this to help someone else or to help a homeless baby in need. But this time it's my baby... and she's hurting. She needs to be in the hospital & I can't afford to keep her there. She needs X-rays and blood work and wound care!! 
Luna decided to take a little journey.. she left home on October 1st, She'd Never been aloud outside unless on a harness and Leash!!! I'd NEVER TAKE A CHANCE OF ANYTHING HAPPENING TO HER! We did not see her again until she showed up on our porch yesterday afternoon on October 15th. She come home horribly wounded, where something had literally ripped her tail away from her body, exposing her vertebrae and leaving a gaping wound. I took her straight to Huntersville emergency clinic but they did very little to help her. She is on pain meds, iron supplements and vitamins, and Antibiotic. But none of those things are doing anything to heal this horrible wound.  Please if you can find it in your heart to help her!?!  She is with PurfectPurBabyRescue which IS a 501c3.

Salisbury Animal Hospital (704) 637-0227
Paypal:  purfectpurbabyrescue@gmail.com
The Dollar Club PayPal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Luna)
Mailing address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34477-0906​​​​ (for Luna)​

10-18-16 Blossom - very sick dog

Blossom (aka Bambina from ACCT) needs your help! Outcast pulled this sweet girl less than a week ago from our local high intake shelter. She was marked urgent because she seemed to have a leg injury and the shelter is not equipped to handle medical needs. We picked her up after her hold was up and took her right to the emergency vet. After a set of x-rays, we didn't see any fractures, but the on call doctor recommended the bone specialist look at the films. After the specialist saw the films, she suspected that Blossom may have Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD). They recommended taking another set of x-rays in a few weeks to monitor any changes. We were optimistic because Blossom had really not shown any symptoms other than some limping. Within 12 hours of that visit, Blossom spiked a 104 degree fever and became very ill. After another trip to the specialist, where she received some fluid therapy, she seemed to bounce back fairly well. But this was only very temporary. Last night Blossom seemed to be having another episode and after a call to the emergency vet, they advised some things we could do at home, in hopes to avoid high hospitalization bills. In the middle of the night last night, the foster momma woke up next to her and noticed Blossom was panting rapidly and would not stand on her own. We immediately rushed her to the hospital. After seeing Blossom, the doctor looked at us and said "you have an extremely sick dog on your hands, she's not going anywhere". They took some x-rays of her lungs and she does have some inflammation. They are hoping she doesn't develop pneumonia, but will monitor to make sure. Blossom had a few hours of feeling a little better but her fever has spiked back up again this morning. They are going to try a different course of meds and she will remain in the hospital until at least tomorrow night. HOD is a dangerous, painful and sometimes deadly bone disease that is not common in pit bulls so it is scary and very difficult for us to deal with because we know so little about it. We have had so many medical cases lately and were not prepared for an emergency hospital stay. Our funds are extremely low and we are not sure how we are going to afford this, but Blossom deserves a chance. She has a long road ahead of her, please consider donating towards her care. No amount is too small. If by some chance we raise more than what we need, the remaining funds will go towards the other dogs in the rescue. Thank you as always for your support!​​  Outcast rescue is a 501c3

Fundraising page:  https://www.youcaring.com/blossom-outcast-rescue-673459​​
Paypal: Outcastrescue@gmail.com
Mailing address:  Outcast Rescue PO Box 12 Catasauqua, PA 18032​​
The Dollar Club PayPal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Blossom)
Mailing address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34477-0906​​​​ (for Blossom)​​

10-26-16  Buzz - infected teeth

Pledges Needed! This Guy Needs Dental Surgery ASAP! I am not part of any type of rescue: I am just an ordinary person trying to make a difference in this little guy's life.  This wonderful old soul was dumped at a shelter the day his elderly owner died. When a rescue pulled him in April he weighed 10.5 pounds. While at the rescue he lost 1/2 his body weight.  This guy now lives with me; he is no longer affiliated with any rescue. He is gaining weight; but he still has a long way to go. At his vet visit Friday it was determined that he is in need of extensive oral surgery. He has numerous infected teeth and severe gum disease. He is in a lot of pain!
Dr. Bingham (South Ridge Veterinary in Kannapolis) is going to do the surgery. The estimated cost (worst case scenario) is $892.50. (Not a 501c3)  He is just 8 years old; he has his whole life ahead of him!​​

Donations can be made via PayPal at drbeam@ctc.net
South Ridge Veterinary, Kannapolis, NC Phone: 704-933-1414.
The Dollar Club PayPal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Buzz)
Mailing address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34477-0906​​​​ (for Buzz)​​​

10-26-16 Mali - dog with broken jaw

One more devastating case, this beautiful pup that we named Mali has a broken jaw *Sensitive content* There are times when we feel completely helpless, cases like Mali are not only emotionally painful to deal with, they are also very challenging as they need 24/7 care. Seeing Mali in such condition is devastating especially not knowing for how long he was suffering on the streets without help. Guardians received a call about Mali a couple of days ago, but despite our efforts, he ran away. The community was also trying to help us catch him, but it was not an easy task as he was running all over the streets trying to hide. Poor Mali, he was in excruciating pain, scared and confused.  Guardians received a call about Mali again, we did not waste any time and went to look for him. When we saw him close we were speechless; his lower jaw was hanging completely broken; he was bleeding and crying in pain. Guardians have treated several cases with a broken jaw in the past, but we have never encountered such a terrible injury as Mali's.  The poor pup was so scared he did not allow us to get close to him. He was very weak, we offered him water, but he refused. We do not know how long he was not able to eat or drink. We feel awful knowing that he was in the streets suffering all alone. But now we have him, and we will not let him suffer anymore.  Even though we are at maximum capacity, it was impossible for us to leave him behind, he needs emergency care, and there is not a chance for him to survive in the streets. Mali also has a collar; we will try to find out more about him around the community.  We immediately gave him painkillers and gave him on IV Fluids as he was dehydrated. He was put on a special muzzle that helps support his jaw. Mali will be taken to the Vet to have surgery as soon as possible.
For now, he is resting and is safe with us, Mali is going to need lots of love and care, we are hopeful that he will survive such injury. It is for sure that Guardians will do everything in our power to save his life.  Please send best wishes and support for this sweet innocent pup, he is going to need all the help he can get. We will keep you updated on his condition.  Love and light to all beings that are suffering in this very second that are alone in the streets without any help. Namaste.  (501c3)

​​Our PayPal account is give@guardiansofthevoiceless.org,
or you can donate by credit card:  www.guardiansofthevoiceless.org
The Dollar Club PayPal: thedollarclub@yahoo.com (for Mali)
Mailing address: The Dollar Club P.O. Box 770906 Ocala, FL 34477-0906​​​​ (for Mali)​​​